Scenes from Saturday + Mussels & Music

Ally pulled out my old trumpet this week. She’s done this occasionally in the past but really stuck with it this week. Each day she’d pull it out and march around the house, playing. Or pretending to. Or trying to. She is surprisingly good at getting a natural sound out, but it’s… a bit unrefined. She has no problem with volume however.

By the third day, I started to step in and offer help. I could show her scales, look up lessons on YouTube, or help with her posture. Then I stopped. She was happy. She was learning in her own way. She was enjoying herself. What else really mattered? There would be plenty of time for tone, proper finger position, and breathing exercises. There was no need for efficiency, or optimization, or Dad’s critiques. Not yet.

Help them find what they love even if it might threaten your long-term hearing.

While it eventually did get near 60 and actually feel like the first day of spring, it was still a chilly start for the morning Soles run. We ran over to Gillette stadium. And did some stairs.

There is currently a life-size drive-thru Hotwheels exhibit there (which makes them… normal car size?) but apparently they put the cars away at night (like good kids) so we didn’t get to see any as we ran past.

Meanwhile, back at home, Michelle showed Cece some classic music videos from her youth.

Cecilia was… less than impressed. But, she was humming NKOTB for most of the rest of the day. So we’ll call that one a draw.

Ce’s Diner cut back on the sugar (slightly) this week but kept up the multi-colored theme with rainbow waffles. No complaints from Ally.

Rehearsals for the Donohue Family Band. Maybe need to work on our name.

“I think I might…”

Those are the scariest words you can hear Saturday morning in the Donohue household. It could mean Michelle is pondering anything from whittling a new bookshelf to hyrdo-seeding the front lawn.

Yesterday it meant some light carpentry to repair the winter storm damage to the swing set.

If I’d had to wager which gifts from the Christmas class of 2017 would still be in use today, I would not have picked the pogo stick but it remains a garage favorite for both girls.

Putting out the deck umbrella feels akin to raising the mainsail on spring.

Ally was very excited to have her afternoon snack time as a family outside. Mom was excited the deck was open for apertifs.

Of course, a deck not cluttered with furniture is also a perfect stage.

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon outside and if a giant s’more before dinner makes her happy? I can’t pick and choose when to apply my own advice, right? [Note: parental judgement may have been impacted by those apertifs.]

We still hold out some hope we may get back to PEI this summer. In the meantime, we’re eating mussels once a month to retain our temporary island citizenship.

Not a bad start (or finish) to the first Saturday in spring. It made me happy.


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