Scenes from Saturday + Munchkins & Meatballs

If you’ve read this blog even just a few times you know that Ally loves to craft. It comes up a lot. It will come up this week, too. I love to sneak down and just watch her from the stairs. I’ve learned more about art from watching her paint and draw than any class, podcast or expert. Now that we are collaborating on a book about a robot and a lost baguette, I get to see this up close.

She doesn’t think about starting or finishing or muses or process. She’s just doing stuff. It’s sort of magical. Sadly, it’s a mindset most kids seem to lose as they get older.

If you’re stuck on a project today or this week. Ask a kid. I guarantee they will have ideas.

Last February we went to see Smartless live in Boston. Not the infamous second show, but the Conan show. There is now a documentary about the tour up on Max and we’re mostly spending the time trying to figure out if Jason Batemen is a jerk or a product of his environment.

There was a group run of a different sort yesterday. Inspired by the recent donut run by a neighboring run club, the Soles put on a munchkin mile for the kids.

Each a munchkin, run a lap. Each a munchkin…you get it.

It was all smiles on lap one.

Gotta admit, the kids figured out that the yeast glazed munchkins were the ones to go for. Much lighter and faster to eat. I regretted my choice of chocolate and toasted coconut on the first two laps.

I was impressed. She’s definitely in dance shape but I thought we’d have to walk for a full mile but she ran a good pace for each lap.

More importantly, despite a cramp, we, along with everyone else kept all the munchkins down.

Post-munchkin run, there was a trip to the dentist. Unrelated to munchkin or donut consumption. This was the second trip in a week to fix a toddler-era chipped tooth bonding that had failed.

Then, since the dentist is so close, why not go shopping? Especially since our local Costco now stocks wine.

No wine samples however. Probably a good policy.

Any full length mirror is an opportunity to get your dance on.

Obligatory crafting photo.

What else are you going to do on a gray and grim Saturday afternoon?

How about catch up with friends at the local sake bar with some foreign snacks and old Battlestar Galactica episodes.

Against all odds and expectations, we did not nap after sake, but rallied with pizza and meatballs.

Some sort of internal siren goes off in Michelle’s psyche when the freezer supply of meatballs is low. This is likely generations of Sicilian genes passed down over the years.

She busted out three sheet pans to quell the alarm.

Meanwhile, I persevered in the mist to cook some pizzas.

Ooni and other backyard pizza ovens tout their ability to hit 900+ degrees but I think that’s just too hot and leads weekend cooks to burn and waste a lot of dough. Mid to low 700s is a better target for consistently good pies.

Thanks to Ally, we did find a good use for the downtime while the oven is preheating.

The star of last night’s recipes was the mushroom, taleggio, and thyme.

You don’t see a lot of soft cheeses used on pizza that often. But this worked really well and is something a little different.

A shout out and a thank you to Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine for one last impromptu kitchen dance party before we called it a night.

Happy Sunday! Talk to a four-year-old this week. Make something.

Sidenote: four-year-olds are best borrowed and handed back when you are done!


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