Scenes from Saturday + Mowing & Growing

We are back from our West Coast vacation. We survived our one-day Disneyland whirlwind. It was a good age to take them.

I did my best to try to take it all in. That isn’t always easy for me. I like a to-do list. I like having a plan. I like feeling productive. Sometimes that drive comes at the cost of actually experiencing the thing I am so eager to check off my list. So I tried to say yes more this vacation and I tried not to get too tied up in the planning.

It wasn’t always easy. That water can be cold. Or the beach sand too… sandy. Or the thought of paying for another bowl of mac ‘n cheese too much. But I tried because (as just about everyone who hasn’t seen Cece in awhile comments on) they are growing older. Really fast.

So  I tried to say yes while they are still asking and while I still can because one day soon they won’t ask Dad to jump in the hotel pool or body surf that wave with them.

They will probably still ask me for mac ‘n cheese however.

With a post-vacation hangover lingering, we didn’t plan to do much other than try to mow the lawn and finally put away laundry. But we woke up to find half of Dash’s face very swollen, so our low key day started with a high stress event.

But things gradually did get more mellow throughout the day.

We took Dash to the vet and got some meds for what (we hope) is just a random infection. Despite the lopsided face, he was eating and in good spirits (other than the cone) and the swelling had gone down significantly by the afternoon.

Ally has been spending more time writing her own material on the piano. We set her up on Garageband to loop, record, and add other instruments.

They are mostly a collection of choruses and I might just be hearing them all 74 times a day but many are quite catchy. All that bubblegum pop has given her an ear for hooks.

The lyrics are both opaque and oddly… deep? Close the book before it ends, never less, never then. How do you do it?

I did accomplish my sole to-do list item.

How could I have made this photo even more suburban Dad? Cell phone belt holster? Fanny pack? Golf shirt?

The kids are still a little screwed up with the time change and sleeping later so before the afternoon thunderstorms we ran over to the pool for lunch and to burn some energy.

Not pictured below but rest assured it was nearby: a full bottle of Gulden’s spicy brown to go with her lunch. We might need to start thinking about an intervention.

Watching all the kids try to teach other how to dive was reminiscent of the penguin pool at the San Diego zoo.

I’m thrilled both girls can read but it now leads to endless conversations that involve deflating packaging or marketing hype.

“No, just because the gummies say it includes real fruit does not mean you can skip out on the actual banana.”

The rains came right on schedule and the girls retreated to the basement for some painting.

You can see Dad Camp is failing at cleaning up effectively. They ask if they have to cleanup. I say yes! They shift things around the room.

We are into day five of Ally’s vegetarian experiment. I see a lot of bean and rice tacos in her future. And no veganism given her heavy hand with the shredded cheese.

Listening to ‘Bad Medicine’ while cleaning up dinner. Doing our parental duty to make sure the irrational love for Bon Jovi survives to another generation.

Finally, (after a few more JBJ songs) we ended the day where we wanted to start it.



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