Scenes from Saturday + Meat & Mattresses

A confession: despite my best efforts, our kids really aren’t into Harry Potter and I’m trying not to freak out too much. I’m trying not to rush it. This is a similar strategy I use to pass on my love of running and vacuuming.

Maybe tonight is just not the night. I’m trying to raise readers and that is a process that is never completed. You’re never finished being a reader. It’s like farming or gardening. There is a constant need for cultivation and the to-do list is never finished.

And like gardening, there is a time and a season for patience. It might be in six months or six years but I think that connection will eventually come. A reader recognizes a good story in their own time.

On to a gray and rainy Saturday, the perfect day really to curl up with a long book like Harry Potter. Hmmm… maybe if there was a musical? Or more dance scenes? No, no, I can wait…

Started the day with a new season of Say Yes to the Dress. You know what else I hope, uh, evolves over time? Ally’s tastes in wedding dresses. Yikes.

While Ally retains her devotion to sugar and beige food, Cecilia’s appetite is never a problem.

No big piano recitals to attend this year but a grandparent concert masquerading as practice got the instruments done.

Here is Papa demonstrating the AARP-approved power walking technique.

With Michelle along, we have a rare transfer station action shot as I empty the recyclables. No soundtrack but the rain this week.

After 15 years of the same mattress, Michelle’s back had finally had enough so we took advantage of the tax-free weekend (and free grandparent babysitting) to purchase some new furniture. Is a mattress furniture? I suppose so and it makes Michelle feel better about the capital outlay.

After the news that the original Anna’s Taqueria location had closed (a place where I ate well over four hundred burritos since arriving for college in ’95), we drove to the nearest location to offer some support.

And then, since we were too efficient with mattress shopping and had free baby-sitting and a lobster food truck was in town, we couldn’t not stop there, too. We went with the cold version, griddled split bun.

Back at home, I sat in on a dance show planning meeting. I didn’t realize how much thought and logistics went into the preparation. Might be time to introduce Cece to Gantt charts.

We finished Saturday with some sun peeking out and an OTB (open that bottle!) dinner where the vegetarian managed not to screw up cooking the steaks for the guests. Cheers to that and another Saturday in the books.



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