Scenes from Saturday + Marching & Merriment

And suddenly it’s December. I’m trying not to panic. So many baking projects still left to do. So many gifts left to buy. So many pages left to edit. So many employee evaluations still to write.

It’s very tempting to just throw in the towel and tell myself I’ll start fresh in January. But I will persist and resist. Some things, of course, need to get done, but others I could put off, but if I don’t, I’m giving myself a 31-day head start on the new year. That sounds pretty good.

Discipline is “the ability to keep your ass in line.”

It was a busy Saturday for some of us, but not all.

Dash is doing much better but we are still trying to dial in the exact amount of medication he needs. That change, plus the general wet conditions outside led him to try to hide under blankets on the couch.

We did eventually rouse him but his walk was more a series of stop-and-go negotiations.

It was a Saturday full of song and dance. Even more than usual in our house.

Solo practiced continued with the first competition coming up in January.

After practice, she was whisked off to a birthday party where she had a great time decorating holiday cookies and telling me all about the outline and fill method.

Fun (and tasty) idea for a December birthday party.

Meanwhile, Cecilia continued the DiLisi/Donohue family tradition of brief marching band careers in the town’s holiday parade.

In a shocking twist, she acknowledged her parents in a public setting and immediately didn’t self-immolate. Dare I say she looks sort of happy?

I continue to be impressed by the town’s music program. My school bands definitely did not sound this good.

In addition to the parade, part of the small town holiday tradition, is the tree lightning on Friday which includes a singing competition.

Kids can audition to sing on stage as part of the festivities. Ally sang last year and she auditioned and was selected again this year.

Here is the performance from Friday.

Man, I don’t know where this kid gets the courage to get up on stage and just put it out there.

I was nervous but she brought the funk. So proud.

She was also selected to perform again at the Lowell Mason fundraiser concert on Saturday.

Here she is pre-show, backstage with The Snowy Bandits.

Friday night was definitely not a fluke as she stepped up again.

This time in front of paying customers and other professional musicians. She’s a pro herself now.

How do you celebrate as a pro and come down off that high?

You sing and dance to some Christmas karaoke in the kitchen.

That’s the way she rolls.

Have a great Sunday. Maybe sing out loud yourself today. ‘Tis the season.


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