Scenes from Saturday + Manhattan & Musicals

I hope your table was crowded and your pants were stretchy on Thursday. I was grateful for family, friends, flash cards, and the additional transfer station hours in November.

We kidnapped our children on Saturday morning for a surprise trip to NYC. Part early birthday present for Ally, part early Christmas present for Ce, and part early anniversary gift for us. Call it what you want. No time to lounge on the couch. It was out of bed and on the road.

By 10 a.m., we were just about there. I have a feeling the drive home today might not be as smooth but Michelle told me not to think about that. Live in the present!

The first stop was breakfast crepes and shopping the stalls at the Bryant Park holiday market.

And then, because it’s never too early for hot chocolate, a stop at Angelina’s for a very rich cup of cocoa.

How can we be making nostalgic trips to American Girl already?

Easier on the wallet than purchasing trips but….

But to my relief they are still kids at heart by asking for half the things in FAO Schwartz.

The food scene in midtown has definitely improved in the 20 years since I worked in the city.

We had a light, pre-lunch snack from the Asian food stalls at Urban Hawker.

Ally did not get that lollipop from FAO but she did get a multi-colored treat from Lady Wong for dessert.

We saw a matinee of &Juliet which was a good, frothy, and fun jukebox musical.

Who knew 90s pop lyrics could be so insightful?

Michelle and Ally were very excited by the stage door opportunities of a slightly lesser-known musical. Most successful stage door ever!

It did reinforce that Michelle is not nearly as crazy as some Broadway super-fans.

We did continue our quest for good pizza in the theater district that doesn’t include the word ‘Famous’ in the restaurant name. Cece didn’t even try pitching the Olive Garden.

We like Don Antoniono’s but branched out a few blocks and tried Sicily.

This family sort of has to try a place called Sicily, right?

Pizza was very good. Not really Neapolitan if you wanted to argue about it, but very tasty.

We finished the night by walking off all the food and checking out the holiday windows along Fifth Avenue.

The Sak’s/Christian Dior was by the far the most impressive.

Though Macy’s ended up being worth the walk down to 34th street.

There were some fun interactive elements.

Anything that can get a teenager to laugh and smile is doing something right.

We are off for a morning skate at Rockefeller Center before braving the Pike to get home.

Have a great Sunday!


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