Scenes from Saturday + Low Tide & Finish Lines

The girls were at Camp Grammie again last week so I was free to channel surf without thoughts of pre-teen appropriateness. I ended up catching a big chunk of The Breakfast Club for the first time in years. I, uh, noticed I had a different reaction than when I originally saw it.

Back then I mostly identified with Emilio Esteves’ disaffected and misunderstood jock. Or, at least I wanted to. I was probably (ok, definitely) most like Anthony Michael Hall’s uptight, rule abiding nerd. Watching it now? I am definitely the principal. God help me, I just want to get through the day, enjoy the weekend, and drink my coffee while it’s hot but these pesky kids won’t leave me alone. They don’t listen, they’re noisy, they get into things they’re not supposed to, they don’t sit still, and they are terribly dramatic. So dramatic.

Also, the custodian. I’m down with him, too.

No couch time again with the girls already on the Cape. Just up, coffee, pack the car and play our weekend game of beat the bridge traffic.

Anytime a bag or suitcase gets packed, Dash gets anxiety about going to the kennel. He’ll follow me around and sit on my feet or just try to get into the bags.


Once he realizes he’s coming, he’s back to his mellow self.


We did get (mostly emoticon-filled) text updates throughout the week via an old wi-fi enabled phone but I think they appreciated seeing us in person, too.


Ever since he was a puppy, Dash has loved going down slides. Middle age has not slowed him down. We probably should have gotten him into agility training.


It was Brew Run Day, one of our favorite races and weekends of the year, and grilled pizza was in the forecast for post-run fueling.


One of the best parts of low tide now is that we can send the kids out to explore for hours and still see them from our beach chairs for quite a distance.


They do eventually return, usually with buckets of critters that they are eager to share.


Has anyone ever looked so sad while drinking a juice box? You’d think we’d secretly laced it with kale.


The Brew Run is a bit of an odd duck when compared to most other domestic road races. Like its more famous Falmouth cousin, it’s a little wonky at 5.2 miles long. It also starts at 4 in the afternoon and the primary post-race refreshment is beer and cookies. Weird, but sort of attractive, right?

I know I’m not alone. Me, Michelle (some other Soles friends – Thanks for coming John!) and 1,000 other people lined up and ran the streets of Brewster.

We all crushed it.


It was nice to have this cheering section, perhaps hopped up on General Store penny candy, at the finish line.


After the well-earned beers and cookies, it was back to the house for pizza and what turned out to be some weird weather.


Still working out the recipe a bit, but this is my favorite new summer pizza recipe: corn, jalapeño, cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Nice way to use up that CSA bounty.


Despite the intermittent rain and wind that nixed the beach fire, we still caught a sunset.


The kids were somewhat mollified with microwave s’mores.


In the movie Bender tells us the world is an imperfect place and it is. Of course, it is. Just not all the time.



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