Scenes from Saturday + Loopholes & Laziness

Michelle and I had an ongoing discussion this week about the basement and how neat it should be. The basement is mostly the kid’s space. It’s filled with toys and crafts and glitter. So much glitter. It definitely gets messy and it certainly needs to be cleaned but…it’s also sort of the whole point of having that space for the kids. We can just shut the door and not get overprotective or precious about that space. Plenty of other rooms to vacuum on a daily basis.

I think a kid’s space, whether it’s a bedroom or a basement, should look like it’s played in. It should be messy! Should it be left in utter chaos? No. Do they need to learn how to care for and clean up their stuff? Yes. Does it need to always be returned to pristine condition? No. Messes will accumulate. You’ll find glitter in your socks. I’m taking it as a sign that I’m raising kids not cultivating rooms of stuff.

He’s back. First order of morning business was finding Finn.


Michelle’s big priority was getting the Christmas lights and decorations up. I try my best to hold off on Christmas music and decorations until after Thanksgiving. I mostly succeeded this year but the shackles were off on Friday. Allison delighted in torturing me with as many carols as they could play.


The girls insisted on some peppermint hot chocolate to get in the mood.


I’m just happy the piano teacher doesn’t charge for doll accompaniment (I’m think the AGD stores missed an opportunity here!). Just a week until the recital.


After the rush of decorating and hot chocolate for breakfast faded, so did the girls. Saturday ended up being mostly a recovery day. Judging by the slow pace of the rest of the street and the amount of kids wandering around their yards in pajamas, we weren’t alone.

She’d probably warmer if she had some flannel. (PS – thanks to everyone on #teamflannel for sending coupons and Black Friday flannel deals!)

….two hours later and I did a welfare check. All good. Dash had also discovered their comfy patch.

It was our year off from traveling for Thanksgiving so we spent lunch catching up with Grammie. They never take a year off from the NJ Turnpike.

By far the most exciting part of the day for the girls was the mail delivery. Their secret coded message from their cousins arrived.

The rest of the day was spent going to the movies with friends. Without the kids. No superheroes, no animation. Feel like we stumbled into a parenting loophole here. We teamed up and left all the girls alone and avoided the babysitter cost.

Movie was quirky, funny and very enjoyable (Knives Out). Girls weren’t missing any fingers when we got back and were disappointed we weren’t staying out longer. Seems like an experiment worth repeating.

We do think Ally might have inherited my virulent allergy to cats. She was a bit of a  puffy, sniffily, mess when we got home.

Too bad we can’t solve the basement mess with Benadryl, too.