Scenes from Saturday + Long Jumps & Low Riders

I learned about recovery and allostasis this week. As I work my way back from this mysterious and nagging injury (some might just call it getting older), I’ve been struggling, not just physically, but mentally. Would I ever get my fitness back? Would I ever get back to normal? Those might be the wrong, and potentially harmful, question for me to ask.

Allostasis is defined as “stability through change.” Which doesn’t make a ton of sense at first blush, but means the way to stay stable through the process of change is by changing. If you want to stand fast, you’ve got to keep moving.

Homeostasis says healthy systems return to the same starting point following a change: X to Y to X. This is what I was trying to do. Get back. By contrast, in allostasis, healthy systems also crave stability after a change, but the baseline of that stability is almost always somewhere else: X to Y to Z.

As the saying goes, you can never step into the same river twice. Everything is always changing.

I will never be the same athlete I was ten or even five years ago, but those inevitable changes don’t mean I can’t be a better athlete in many ways. With the right mindset, change can force you forward and it can force growth. Finding something new, instead of returning to something old.

It was an early morning casting call as this weekend was the last dance competition for Ally this year.

The ladies have developed a “keep it to yourself” policy during the early morning hair and make-up prep sessions. There are a lot of tight smiles and low grumbling but it appears to be working.

They eventually made it up to New Hampshire while still smiling.

Back at home, Dash took advantage of the early morning wake-up and then sudden quiet to catch up on his rest.

Lest you think I make Michelle do all the yard work solely for blog content… I did mow the lawn.

Now that the Focus is gone, I think this lawn mower, bought when we first moved to town in 2007, is our oldest appliance.

I’ve changed the spark plug and had the blade sharpened, otherwise I’ve done nothing. Consumer Reports didn’t let me down!

Cecilia is trying outdoor track this spring.

Did someone say track and field?!

She was kind enough to humor her Dad and go over to the high school to listen to me prattle on about the old days and give her a few tips on the long jump.

She also kept a keen eye out for anyone approaching within half a mile of the track so she could run and pretend she didn’t know me.

No flash cards for this. Unfortunately, I had to demo. A nearly 50 year old man should not be jumping into a long jump pit. My joints were aghast. I am definitely not the same athlete I was jumping back in high school.

It all looked so much better in my mind.

It worked out in the end. Still need to tighten up her form, but she’s more confident taking off now.

She was definitely more amenable to some early driving lessons around the high school parking lot.

Up in New Hampshire, Ally’s final Born to Entertain performance went well.

We are very proud of all the work she put in this year to her dance. A lot of ups and downs but a good learning experience for her.

This was a very competitive event. She ended up with a high gold and even entered the improv dance competition afterwards.

She told Michelle and me a little too late that there was also a parent’s category.

A pity. I think my air guitar solo alone on Living on a Prayer could have landed me on the podium.

Once everyone was home, we headed out to one of our favorite local burritos places for some takeout.

We then returned home to….

Is there anything more disappointing than seeing the tail lights of the first ice truck of the season driving away?

One the plus side, the choco taco makes its comeback this summer.

Have a great Sunday!


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