Scenes from Saturday + Little Sisters

Allison, as the second born, leads a different life to that of Cecilia. No matter what we do as parents, much of her life revolves around Cecilia. Allison has gotten used to tagging along to Ce’s schedule and activities. Unlike Cecilia, who often likes to defend her position as first-born and remind us that she already knows how the world operates, Allison is easier going and her flexibility is a key piece of her personality.

This flexibility has made Ally more resilient than Ce, I just hope it hasn’t taught her to expect a little less out of life. It was with this in mind that I was happy to see Allison grab the mic and demand the spotlight during her birthday week. Rather than let her big sister lead, she had clear ideas about what she wanted and how she wanted it done.

Sure, she became a bit of a birthday terrorist by the end, but she had also freed herself from the second child handcuffs. At least for a week.

We start the day on the couch, but with a twist! Papa and Grandmother were visiting for Allison’s birthday party, so Papa was able to join in the couch fun.

It actually didn’t take too much effort to get them off the couch and moving as they were excited to make the favor bags for the afternoon party. They had a lot of questions about why so many things were made in China. I’m not sure they totally grasped my explanation of regulations, labor laws, unions and available work force. Can’t hurt to hit the macroeconomics early in life.


Meanwhile, I complain a lot about the bad pizza we have in town, but we are lucky to have a good bakery, so at least I don’t also have to make bagels.


I returned with the bagels to find The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular on yet again.


After breakfast, it was time to get the dog (and Cecilia) a good long walk in to burn off some energy before the snow. Cecilia and I discussed her potential future as a Rockette. Dash sniffed the leaves. Both of them are pretty good at posing. Check out Cece’s Nutcracker socks. It’s all Christmas, even the socks, in our house.

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We returned to find that Ally was still holding Papa hostage as a play date. This time she was teaching him how to use the Barbie hair salon.

I grew up in a staunch fake tree household. Michelle grew up in a real, at least 10 foot, tree household. Guess what type of tree we get?


Cecilia was very proud that this year she found the tree we ultimately picked.


Back at home, the snow was increasing at the same rate as the anticipation for the birthday party. The girls found out their plan to sled was a little ambitious, but their backup plan to ambush Papa with snow worked out well.


Allison refused the logical offer of some “rest time”, so after some lunch, the sisters did get their weekend couch time in to recharge for the party.

Finally, it was time for the party. You’d think, knowing Allison, that she’d opt for a disco or dance-themed party, but she wanted gymnastics this year. These pictures mostly speak for themselves. Mega Gymnastics did a great job keeping the girls interested (and tiring them out). Ally had a great time.

Actually, so did I. Anytime you can tramp into a giant foam pit, you have to do it, right?

I’m just sad we’d already ordered our Christmas cards before we saw this photo. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with a giant foam pit.

After slogging home through the weather from the party, everyone was done. Luck for us, we had planned ahead. The rest of the night was champagne, Chinese and cheesy Christmas movies (The Santa Clause!) in front of the fire and the new (real) Christmas tree.

I’m not sure the last part of the day is exactly how Allison drew it up, but she didn’t seem to mind. The spotlight is tiring whether you’re the big sister or the little sister.

Happy 5th Birthday, Allison. First or second, you are you and we couldn’t be happier.




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