Scenes from Saturday + Life & Lazy Days

If you’re contemplating resolutions for the new year, remember the key is a willingness to be bad for as long as it takes. This is something that I feel I’ve gotten pretty good at over the years. How? Curiosity, stamina, and a joy of practice.

It isn’t so much that geniuses make it look easy; it’s that they make it look it fast. And this is where I’ve found the toughest hurdle for kids.

Kids already think they are great at everything. And why would I discourage that? I love their very irrational confidence in almost all things. But the switch toward real improvement, through practice and discipline, is admitting that you’re maybe not so great and you want to get better.

We started Saturday with some questionable Miley Cyrus and some tired eyes.

Eight hours later and the scene hadn’t changed all that much.

The local, traditional New Year’s 5k was canceled so it was a low key social run to start the year. Miles are miles even without the shoe goo raffle prizes.

When I returned, I found a vastly diminished chocolate babka. I thought I’d give myself a pat on the back but then realized the kids would likely enjoy anything with chocolate before 9 a.m.

Little did she know when she set up a “shop” in the dining room that it would involve pop-up math lessons.

The game Life is another of these secret generational dividing lines. The girls received the game for Christmas and had no idea what it was. Every adult they told about it responded it was one of their favorite games.

They did a nice job on the refresh. Much better than the crazy Clue redesign.

Also, more secret math!

The fire pits from the previous day’s outdoor party finally went out. Is there anything more depressing than morning after fire pits?

Not pictured but something that worked really well? Michelle’s Christmas present: a heavy duty cast iron wood splitter.

If you need wood cut, throw a party, invite a bunch of ten year olds over and leave the sledge hammer and splitter out. Job done.

Board games and reheating party leftovers is about as ambitious as we got in the afternoon.

The situation didn’t really change in the evening. Comfort food and a Disney movie.

Encanto’s songs and color palette made up for a rather straight-line story.


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