Scenes from Saturday + Leaves & Wreathes

Allison’s close contact status disrupted a few birthday celebrations, her own and her friends. She was upset. A reasonable reaction from an excitable 8 year old but also an opportunity, not for flash cards, I couldn’t find a way to work those in, but for my Dad rhetoric.

The pandemic has taken so much but also provided a few less obvious things to be thankful for. Thanks for giving me hundreds of consecutive days at home with the kids. Thanks for helping me slow down. Thanks for helping me structure my day around the things that matter most.

Every situation has two handles. You can decide to grab onto frustration or appreciation. You can pick up the handle of resentment or gratitude. You can look at the obstacle or get a little closer and see the opportunity.

“Dad, can one handle be decorated with glitter?”

“Sure, grab the glitter handle, Ally.”

I almost always end up regretting those $2 purchases from the Ikea marketplace section but I have to admit the tiny milk frother has earned a spot in our regular morning routine. It does a respectable job for the price.

No hill repeats but there was a chilly 10k around town with the Soles.

The usual scene when I returned but the girls warned me that Michelle had already left. Anytime she is motivated to get out of the house before 8 a.m., I get nervous. It usually means construction or landscaping is on the day’s agenda.

It was landscaping. Armed with a new rake and other supplies from her early morning Wal-Mart jaunt, she was undeterred by the stiff cross winds actively blowing leaves onto the lawn.

We also re-enacted our annual post-Thanksgiving scene of lining up the big wreath.

If you think there is only one way to hang a wreath. Oh, think again.

I’ve come around quite a bit on “new” math. I am now trying to wrap my head around this new faith formations at-home curriculum. I’m not sure any of the people that made these lessons actually had children.

Unless your child in on a pathway to sainthood, I’m not sure any eight year old is going to be able to put the church’s liturgical year in the proper order. I went to a whole bunch of Catholic schools and I’m not sure I’d ever heard the term Paschal triduum.

We eventually got past the question (I mean, embraced the opportunity to learn about ordinary time) with some trial and error and punched our ticket to purgatory.

After the online catechism, we needed to bring some glitter into our life. Ally and her friend teamed up to make birthday cards.

So with the crafts done, we moved onto dance. I’m pretty lucky I get to eat most meals with some theater or bespoke choreographed production.

I have to say, despite the scratched up exterior, I was really tempted to grab this at the transfer station. I mean, there has to be a way to work this into my daily life, right?

After all the, uh, feedback and edits I’ve given to Cecilia on her school work, I think she was quite happy to provide me design notes on the flyer we worked up. Maybe a little too happy. I didn’t think she knew was kerning was.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I could no longer hold back the Christmas flood gates. The girls put on the music and set about decorating the house.

Dash’s was not happy to see his nemesis was back.

We dropped Ally off, one delayed week later, at her birthday sleepover.

We left the other child home alone (and very happy) while we went out for an anniversary dinner at a new pizza place.

Somewhat surreptitiously, Paul Simon’s ‘Cecilia’ came on as we sat down and then a few songs later our first dance wedding song came on.

Sometimes the universe throws you a wink and a nod. Now, if the more obscure Gin Blossom’s ‘Allison Road’ had come on next, we might have gotten out of there.

While the place clearly has its toppings game in order, they’ve only been open a week and are still working out a few kinks. Lots of promise though if you’re looking for wood fired pizza without driving to Worcester or all the way into the city.

Seventeen years ago, we definitely had champagne, but somehow completely missed our dessert buffet. While it still irks me to this day, it’s also an opportunity we’ve embraced to always make sure we celebrate dessert on our anniversary.

We ended this Saturday night on the couch with champagne and warm cookies.

Seems like this thing is still working alright.

Find that glitter handle, y’all.


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