Scenes from Saturday + Leaves & Teeth

When the girls get sick, I get stressed. I will lie in bed and hear one of the girls coughing down the hall and I wonder why we can’t just have a simple, quiet night. Why do I always have to end the day worrying about fevers, coughs, math facts, reading comprehension, screen time, or how to navigate some new, twisted social scenario I never pondered as a kid.

The fact is that we have a lot of quiet nights. They just pile up and slip by unnoticed while Dash warms my feet and I fall asleep reading a book. This past week was a whole string of perfectly banal and quiet days. Math facts were tossed off. Vocab tests were aced. The brassy sound of Hot Cross Buns filled the air. The worst thing that happened was Ally being convinced, despite ample contrary evidence, that the number three really should be written backwards.

Too often I can get lost in the darker corners of the parenting maze. This week I’m celebrating mediocrity. Without the quiet, ordinary weeks, you can’t have the extraordinary ones.


The ladies started the day with a some couch time and a musical. Did you know the BBC did a live version of The Sound of Music? It’s very disconcerting to hear the songs being sung by someone other than Julie Andrews. But, I will say, in a testament to to the musical’s power, the girls were soon transfixed and it is definitely better than a Liv & Maddie wakeup.


I’m glad it wasn’t just a scheduled soccer game that brought the rain in the last month. These are the days where being in a running group pays off. The group accountability brought me out in the drizzle when coffee and eggs were much more alluring. Nine miles done before nine felt pretty good, too.

When I returned, Ally’s second front tooth had come out.

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And to make my runner’s high even better, Cecilia had just about finished all her daily chores and it looked like everyone was still talking to each other.


Michelle was studying on the (other) couch with her trusty grad assistant.


Next, it was time for our annual tradition of trying to tame the tsunami of leaves in our yard. 


Cecilia was old enough to man a blower and be helpful this year, rather than trying to be helpful and just spreading the leaves out in a different place.


Ally was our spiritual dancer.


For lunch, all the leaf work helped them work up an appetite for the pizza they made last night. 


I’m not sure what Ally enjoys more, doing her drawing project or showing off her gap-toothed smile.


After lunch, both girls got their hair trimmed up for the holidays.


While the girls were out, I was busy in the kitchen. We are having friends (guinea pigs?) over tomorrow to do some hand pie tasting and testing. I eventually had all the burners going making the fillings for tomorrow’s pies: bacon cheeseburger, chicken pot pie, and mushroom lentil. 


It was then back to leaf clean-up. So. Many. Leaves.


It’s normal to feel a mild sense of embarrassment for feeding the kids microwave hamburgers from a box for dinner, right?


The girls are really enjoying playing Sleeping Queens lately. Even if Ally still isn’t great at holding her cards.


It was one of the rare nights we locked in a babysitter and were going out to dinner without the kids. We ate at Juniper, the restaurant with the appetizer that inspired the now infamous octopus dominoes night


Just another Saturday.



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