Scenes from Saturday + Last Dance

It’s graduation season. I’ve got a few more years until we have a graduate in the house, but if you have a recent grad, skip the Dr. Seuss and have them read Mary Oliver’s The Summer Day.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

That last line gets me every time.

A poetic reminder to accept that you won’t ever get it all done. Be leery of life hacks and FOMO anxiety. Stop chasing an infinite to-do list. It’s all a distraction. Life is terrifyingly short. You will never get to everything. Learn to live with all of the anxiety that comes with that—then you can start living.

Dash mirroring my skepticism of going down in the pain cave for a workout.

But we eventually got it done, including a return to the running group for the first time since getting injured and falling off the wagon in February.

Running through a gentle dust bowl of pollen for six miles did not help my labored breathing.

Post-run, we headed over to GoFi to do some puppy sitting and refill our souls with cuteness.

This litter is all named after children’s book characters. That also helped my soul.

Probably just a coincidence that Ramona kept getting into trouble.

Anytime you wonder why your dog wants to pile into your bed at night just remember they started out life sleeping in big puppy piles.

This is what a freshman studying for finals looks like.

All those flashcards throughout the year and now paying off. Not that she’ll admit it.

The one thing I find even more enjoyable than having them practice without reminding them, is finding them just noodling around on an instrument.

I’m a big fan of structured, deliberate practice, but I also know that unstructured play has a lot of benefits.

It was almost standing room only at the Transfer Station yesterday.

We were clearing out some dead wood (old desks) from the basement and took a stroll through the Swap station. I’ve never seen so many old bread machines.

Also, you just know these stuffed animal come alive at night and get up to all sorts of shenanigans.

Dash (and come to think of it – Ally, too) share a love for cheese-in-a- can snacks.

Another weekend, another round of lady lawn mowing.

I did make good on my threat to merchandise.

Do you have a lady mower or landscaper in your life? Get her a t-shirt in the lady mower’s club.

I was not idle. Ally needed some fuel before the last dance day of the year.

Can’t really get a proper toss with the low ceiling but I do my best.

The dough did not stick to the ceiling. Drunken mushrooms with thyme and pecorino.

We finished the day with Ally’s dance recital and said good-bye to the Lil’ Shack and Squad routines.

On to summer dance camp, clearing space in the basement costume closet, and brainstorming ideas for next year’s competition.

Put your to-do list down for a day and have a great Sunday!


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