Scenes from Saturday + Jersey Fresh

Cecilia is taking trombone lessons this summer and, unlike piano lessons, she’s mostly learning riffs and scales, not full songs. Like most kids, Cecilia likes to go fast. She likes piano pieces with speed and panache. Who can blame her? It’s easy to rush in. It feels good to start. But if you’re going quickly for the sake of speed (or to get that practice session done), you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to miss opportunities.

And listening to their lesson is a good reminder to myself. There is no prize for doing things first, the only thing that matters is doing them well. With the current state of society, there is no rush. One of my favorite things about the pandemic (can you have a favorite thing? is that strange?) is just seeing neighbors hanging out in their yards talking. Slowing down today can pay huge dividends. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. You actually go faster and better whether it’s learning the trombone, surviving the pandemic, or vacuuming glitter.

We woke up in Jersey to visit Grandmother and Papa and to the stunning revelation that not everyone was lured into the Disney+ introductory offer. Somehow they persevered. I think the very comfy Captain’s chairs helped.

The one thing the girls can count on at Grandmother’s house is that there will be dessert at every meal. #AmishDonuts

While we traveled south across three states to visit the grandparents, we didn’t venture far once we got off the turnpike. We spent a lot of time roaming the grounds and lamenting a rabbit’s propensity to defeat any garden gate. Cecilia was also very happy not to have to mow this lawn.

After wine, appetizers, and desserts, the other big DiLisi past time is basement Foosball. Ally has a … unique scoring system but a long way to go before she’s competitive in the family rankings.

Who knows how and when the girls will return to the classroom but today they did learn how peanuts are grown. We couldn’t pick any yet but we did harvest some beets, carrots and tomatoes.

After the farm, it was time to cool down. Nothing says childhood more than running through a sprinkler (actually, I quite enjoyed running through a sidewalk sprinkler at mile 6 of my run so maybe it’s not solely reserved for kids).

After the sprinkler run, the soothing scenes of PEI and another viewing of Anne of Green Gables helped keep everyone mellow in the heat.

Toasting 49 years of marriage. Many life lessons learned. Most of which come down to finding time to enjoy family (and wine, appetizers, and dessert).

The trombone is just the first step in my master plan toward her scholarship to the University of Hawaii for conch playing.

There really wasn’t much doubt about whether the day was going to end with cake. Life’s too short to say no to more cake.



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