Scenes from Saturday + Jammin’

We are in between Cape weekends and, by design, had very little on the agenda. It was a recovery weekend. And a laundry weekend. And a food shopping weekend. And a lawn mowing weekend. 

It was low key Saturday to reset and chop down the to-do list that had been growing like kudzu while we had been sipping boat drinks in the sand. Not a terribly exciting weekend, but some days you just need to TCB like the King would have….

Back at home and back on the couch to start the day. Can you tell that the girls were up a bit late on Friday night? They were at a friend’s house for pizza and a movie. I was almost asleep by the time they got home so it was a bit of a rough morning even with our largesse with the iPad and allowing Pop-tarts on the couch.


Given the grumpy factor was high, Michelle and I retreated to the kitchen and kept our distance while the little monsters slowly morphed back into somewhat sane children. Having coffee, eggs and being able to read more than two paragraphs without being interrupted was a nice bonus.


Turns out Allison has caught a little summer bug. No matter how many years they are in day care, there are always new germs to meet. No fever but it did explain her sour disposition. She’s usually the more chipper of the two in the morning.


While we waited for the Tylenol to kick in on her sister, Cecilia was wrangled into piano practice. Despite her bellyaching about practice, she’s making great progress.


Dash kept vigil on his squirrel nemeses to make sure they didn’t interrupt his sister’s practice time.


Ally stayed on the couch recuperating, but Cecilia was not given that option, though she probably would have happily taken it. We are not complete pushovers as parents. Instead, she joined me at the track for my first run since starting rehab on my knee three weeks ago. I was excited to try running again. Ce was sort of indifferent.


Then she knocked out a nine minute mile while chirping in my ear the whole time and veering all over the track. Maybe she did get some of my genetics in there.

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Workout done, we hit the Tractor Supply Store because if you have a chance, you do not pass a tack and feed store without stopping. I was actually looking for canning jars. Which they had in stock. Of course, they did. They have everything!


Back at home we found the Tylenol had indeed perked Ally up. We family-walked Dash (one of his favorite things), chatted with the neighbors (the girls are very envious of their fleet of little electric kid cars) and then had lunch.

Post-lunch we tried to convince Ally that if you are feeling a little sick, sleep/naps are the best medicine. You can see how well that argument went over. She eventually did, however, take a little snoozie, as she likes to calls it.


While I stayed behind and valiantly tried to convince Ally to nap, by leading by example, Michelle and Cece went over to a local farm (Jane + Paul’s) and picked some blueberries because just when you finish a 20lb box, the first thing you want is more blueberries.


Despite the face, after she woke up, Ally agreed that the (new) blueberries were insanely good.


Fueled up by a nap and some blueberries, she and Cecilia enjoyed the sun’s late arrival to get some playtime in outside (lest you think all they do is lay about on the couch and binge Netflix).


And if you think the singing of show tunes stops with mealtimes, you are sadly mistaken.


While the girls wrapped up their day with dessert and Descendants 2, I put the canning supplies and those baller blueberries to good use, earning my Little House merit badge by making and canning some blueberry jam.


There are still a lot of blueberries left.

Girls in bed. Dash, quiet and tired at my feet. The only thing left on the to-do list was to open that bottle of wine. Another Saturday in the books.