Scenes from Saturday + It’s Chinatown

Like each Olympiad, as we tucked the girls in on Christmas night, they declared it the best Christmas ever. Quick pause for a parent high-five! 

I woke up the next morning to find them downstairs, surrounded by their new presents, fervently cutting up styrofoam and cardboard. I started to ask what they were doing cutting up my good styrofoam and not playing with any of their new presents, but stopped. They were clearly having fun. 

There are so many expectations these days of both parents and kids that simple, spontaneous joy often feels like the first thing to go. So, I embraced vacation Dad, listened to the course grind of the scissors, and started the coffee.


Usual couch start to the day. Cecilia was the first one up, jacked in and hooked up to Netflix when I came down.


No hill repeats on the agenda for the Saturday run, thankfully, but definitely coffee before eight, rather speedy, miles in some rather balmy temps for the second week in a row.


I returned to find Ally awake and now occupying her spot on the couch trying to simultaneously watch TV and guard a bowl of cereal from Dash.


Before we headed out for the day, Dash needed a walk. He will not budge from the house when it rains, so the day after he always needs an extra long walk. The same could be said for Ce.


We took advantage of some library passes to hit up the Children’s Museum.


Truth be told, the girls are on the outer age range now, but who am I to pee in that punch bowl? Still, Cecilia looked like a giant among the Lilliputians for much of the day.

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They definitely had fun and learned a few things.


And you’re never too old for the bubble room!


Many of the parents looked a little wrung out even before 11 o’clock, so it was good to see at least one hadn’t lost their sense of humor.


The deal was we would go to the museum if they would in turn go and try lunch in Chinatown.


I’ve been craving some “juicy” dumplings for the past month. Which, when written out, sound a lot more salacious than it really is. Juicy dumplings are dumplings with hot soup broth inside.


I was a little worried Ally would complain or just sit sullenly and sip on air, but like her odd fascination with shumai, she took right to the soup dumplings and ate half the table’s portion.


Dessert was the discovery of a cream puff shop just around the corner. That spread some joy. And chocolate icing.


We took some time to walk off the meal. The girls had a lot of questions about China that I couldn’t answer.


How much longer will she let me hold her hand in public? Six months? A year?


When we made it back home, an epic three hour Barbie session took over the couch. The only thing I could make out for sure was that Ken was “delirious.” No explanation of how he ended up that way but I can relate.


There was just time for one final sunset walk before we all collapsed back on the couch like the stuffed dumplings we were.


A full belly. A full day. Not having to set the alarm tomorrow. That’s a good Saturday.