Scenes from Saturday + Haste & Waste

I am (in)famous in the family for listening to podcasts and audiobooks at 1.5x or greater. It drives the girls crazy. Add in my love of flashcards and a to-do list and you wouldn’t think I’d be the primary audience for the slow learning movement, but I’m not always in a rush. There is nothing fast about writing a book. So, I read about about the Slow Learning Project with interest, especially their Bill of Rights.

Immerse yourself completely and make haste slowly. Indeed.

For the first time in about a month, Saturday morning was not below freezing or teeming raining. We both made it outside for runs where it definitely appeared to be warmer than it actually was.

That should be New England’s motto for spring.

Alton Brown would approve of Allie’s new use for the pizza cutter. A multi-tasker is born.

Happy hazardous waste day. I hope you disposed of those old oil-based paint cans.

The Transfer station was hopping in the late morning.

Always interesting to observe the strategies people take for backing into the spots under pressure.

The puppies start getting adopted next week, so we had to squeeze in one more session with these guys.

Don’t let the cute faces fool you. They hide nefarious intent. According to the log, they orchestrated a jailbreak over night and the first shift (luckily not us) came in to puppy chaos and quite a mess.

Black bananas mean only one thing. Okay, two. First no one else in the house will touch them. Second, banana bread.

Poor, lamented banana bread. Why does it get such a bad rap? Is there a better toasted breakfast food? A better mid-afternoon snack?

I’m convinced most people don’t use ripe enough bananas or lace the recipe with too much sugar.

Can you tell they are excited about all the “comfort” food they piled into the cart while I was home tending to the banana bread?

Black bananas transformed into Sunday breakfast.

Did you know you can “control” how quick breads crack for those bakery pretty loaves?

Sort of.

A good Saturday ends up in PJs back on the couch.

One year ago, our Saturday did not end on the couch, but rather the Eiffel Tower.

Probably a slightly different experience if we were there this year.

Have a slow Sunday! Make a quick bread just don’t overmix it!


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