Scenes from Saturday + Halftime Dance

I have a lot of concrete goals and tactical things I want to accomplish for 2020 but I didn’t really think up a personal resolution until this week. The girls love to put on shows. There are at least one or two performances per week. You probably think this sounds cute, creative and adorable. And it should be.

But in the last year or so, I’ve become increasingly impatient and annoyed as I watch. The shows are too long. The shows are boring. The shows are repetitive. The shows lack any real dramatic tension. I was becoming an ugly jackass. For my kid’s performances. I was essentially making it all about me. Not my most pleasing personality trait.

Ego is the enemy. Of everything, but especially of the things that really matter in life. In some respects, it is all about me. I helped create these two wonderful, dancing, musical loving girls now I just have to surrender and let them keep making me better. I know I can at least be a better audience. So that is my resolution: relax and enjoy the show.

Dash had the couch all to himself to start the morning. He didn’t appear to mind.


Michelle and I both went out for a run with the Soles and when we returned we found them both on edge watching Zumbo’s Just Desserts. It inspired them to make bagels with peanut butter and a melted marshmallow in the middle. They wisely made these and ate them before the parents came home.


Cecilia is working on Scarborough Fair this week. It makes for a…melancholy practice session.


Ally’s favorite Christmas present so far is this chemistry set. Like a true mad scientist, she disdains directions and enjoys mixing random things together and declaring it a success.


One of Cecilia’s vocab words this week is ‘industrious.’ She was quite proud that her illustrative sentence was ‘My mom is very industrious each Saturday.” So true. Michelle list today included ‘getting the house back together’ which gave her wide latitude to come up with chores for us. She worked everyone hard for the rest of the morning.

After the car was finally loaded and trash dropped off, the girls took Dash to the hospital for a walk.


With the very warm temperatures, there were a lot of dogs out. It was Christmas is January for Dash.


Then, according to Ally, the most important task of the day. Picking out a new water bottle. There were serious deliberations.


Grammie and Poppy arrived after lunch which meant it was time for Mike’s tech support hour.


Before we headed for the day’s actual main event, we hit up our favorite cheap eats place. For twenty years, Grammie has be hearing about Anna’s. Yesterday, she finally got to try it. It was a little overwhelming for her but not Ally. Ally is a pro at this point.


After the burritos, it was back to school. The girls had a lot of questions about campus life and Mom and Dad’s history and why everything in the bookstore cost more than $75 dollars.


Then it was on to the game. Cecilia’s dance studio was the halftime entertainment (really the only entertainment given the game) at the Boston College game last night.


All the girls crushed it.


BC lost, badly, but I definitely enjoyed the show.