Scenes from Saturday + Hairspray & Half Birthdays

So, what did you talk about over dinner with your families this week? Another difficult and harrowing week that was tough to put into words. We did not show the kids the video and we made sure they knew they were safe, but we did not shield them from the news, either. We then did our best to talk about what was happening and why it was happening.

I found a lot of these books (many available as e-books) a great way to continue those conversations with the girls.

I don’t know how much of the why really sank in but we felt it was important to try. The girls are learning about citizenship and civil rights now in school, so maybe…? Kids are messy, frustrating and stressful but often kinder and more perceptive than adults. Best to start early and try to keep it that way.

We started the day with some Hairspray. Which led all the girls down a rabbit hole. The good news about having little on the corona-agenda is that rabbit holes are an acceptable indulgence, even critical, to get through some days.

The bottom of this hole was me returning almost two hours later to find Michelle showing them Zapruder-style videos of her high school musical performances.

We had more ripe bananas to use up and rather than play it safe with another round of banana bread, I got cocky and tried banana scones. I even went off recipe. Utter disaster.

Luckily, the girls have no idea what a scone is and happily ate the flat, buttery banana amoebas. And the bananas got used up.

It was Ally’s half-birthday. I’m still struggling to understand how the Leprechaun and St. Patrick’s Day got so out of hand so I am not even humoring the half-birthday. Cecilia however did make Ally a bracelet. And Ally eventually guilted me into a second popsicle. But that’s where I drew the line!

It wasn’t quite re-shingling the roof in the middle of an August heatwave, but it was close. Michelle decided the oppressive humidity was the perfect time to clean out the gutters.

Halfway through, she decided we needed a new ladder and decided to add the sights and sounds of Wal-Mart to her day.

How much longer do we have until the kid’s realize wearing masks is no longer an interesting novelty? A week? Thank god we are done day care. I can’t imagine the chaos of three year olds and masks.

Thirty minutes after they returned, the sky went black. That was the end of standing on the new medal ladder. Half the gutters did drain more freely during the downpour.

Turns out a severe thunderstorm is one of the few things that can get Michelle to sit down on a Saturday afternoon. Ally has really gotten into re-watching the early seasons of Survivor on Hulu.

I won’t have any more excuses about not sleeping in the tent next time. The camping air mattresses have arrived. Dash has already claimed one but I don’t think that’s going to get me out of it either. The girls insisted on doing some quality control testing.

The end of the day brought more Hairspray. This time as a group watch Zoom meeting with their theater group. At the end, they got to talk to the art director (of the recent live TV version) and ask him questions. I can neither confirm nor deny that we had to restrain Michelle from pushing Cecilia off-camera to ask a question.

If only musicals could solve the world’s problems…



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