Scenes from Saturday + Gucci & Snack Cake

After I pushed the girls out the door and they made the bus by the skin of their teeth yet again, I went upstairs to get dressed and found both their lights on, one bed unmade, clothes on the floor and…the list could go on. You get the idea. I’ve told them a million times and yet…still a mess.

I got dressed and went to my desk mildly fuming and….found picture frames still not hung up. A computer still running Windows 7. A fish tank that could be cleaned. Plants slowly dying on the bookshelf. How many times had I been told or told myself to do these things and they still weren’t done?

That was my Dad epiphany this week. Like most weeks, it wasn’t all that profound but jeez kids spend a lot of their days getting commands, demands and requests thrown at them. Maybe cut them a little slack. Or at least a little understanding. Maybe finally hanging up those pictures will show them it’s hard for me too but I’m trying. Worst case, Michelle will have one less thing to do on a Saturday.

This week’s couch time is brought to you by ‘Get Out of My Room’ the kid’s room makeover show the girls stumbled on and are now obsessed with.


I could say I was finally getting smart about self-care and listening to my body when I skipped the Soles run this morning but in reality, I just overslept. I’m pretty sure the last time I woke up after 7:30 it was the late nineties.

Michelle took the maiden voyage on the basement pain cave’s new treadmill. Cecilia was disappointed it was basically the same model we bought almost 15 years ago. With a Dad that still drives the car he bought right after college, I’m not sure why she’s surprised. When you find something dependable and reliable, stick with it, girl. I’m pretty sure that’s why Michelle married me. Or maybe it was my dry, British-style humor? No one answer that.


It wasn’t just me that was happy to have the treadmill back. Dash got to resume one of his favorite games. Any time someone is on the treadmill, he’ll take his ball and roll it down the stairs so it goes under the treadmill. He then charges down the stairs and skids to a stop with his nose inches from the belt.


So far, the girls have not requested any full wall octopus decals or chandeliers in their room like the show. They’ve been happy being the interior decorators for their cabal of dolls.


In a testament to the power of sales and shopping, Michelle and the girls hit the outlets in the wind and fifteen degree weather. For once there wasn’t a lot of competition for the outdoor spinning chairs.


Ally was in her element at Claire’s. They somehow avoided coming home with more of those strange big-eyed animals that often haunt my nightmares.


Cecilia continues to slowly learn real world economic lessons. Here is her reaction to learning the cost of a Gucci bag.


Finally, what better place to take a shopping break and eat an Annie’s pretzel than in the changing room.


It was a flannel and soup kind of day.


Cecilia got a kid-focused baking cookbook for Christmas and decided she wanted to make a recipe by herself. After we talked her out of the sheet cake that served 24, she settled on a chocolate snack cake. I was shooed out of the kitchen after this picture.


Not pictured here is Ally filming and doing commentary like it was Chopped Junior.


Much of the evening was spent back on the couch where the girls watched Say Yes to the Dress. I broke out in a minor case of hives.


We finished the night with a discussion on what a ‘dusting’ of powdered sugar means in a recipe.


Of course, finishing up Saturday night with a little extra sugar isn’t so bad. The cake was good. Not washing the dishes was even better.

P.S. – Those frames still aren’t hung up. Maybe next week.



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