Scenes from Saturday + Grilling Some A.Ham

Not our typical Fourth celebration. We missed the Cape. And the big seafood boil. Didn’t miss the traffic though or Dash losing his mind over the fireworks. We spent the day as a family. And you can be a family wherever you are and whatever you are doing. I hope everyone is safe and was able to spend the holiday with their own family or friends.

The only thing that might keep them off the couch in the morning is the chance to sneak some chocolate. They sorted a big bag of M&Ms to make some ice cream pies for a BBQ later in the day.

And while we’ve (currently) only watched Hamilton all the way through once. The story still flies mostly past Ally (the swing roles really confused her for a bit – how can Jefferson and Lafayette be the same person?, however the cast recording has made a big comeback on the family playlist and seeing the staging and choreography has inspired Allison quite a bit.

She is still a fan of the first two big numbers while Cece prefers In The Room Where it Happened and What’d I Miss. Definitely could do some personality analysis on those choices.

After a few renditions, she realized her pajamas were just not doing the music or the routine justice, so she decided it was time to get into costume.

If they want to play with a sled for a half hour when it’s 80 degrees out, be my guest. Anything goes in summer lock down.

Early pool reservation but the sun came out (unlike the cool and windy previous day) and it was warm enough for even Mom and Dad to get in.

After the pool, much of the afternoon was spent outside with another family at a BBQ. I enjoy how we’ve normalized college drinking games into backyard entertainment and politely rebranded it Bucketball.

I also enjoy that Impossible burgers make being a vegetarian at a cookout so much easier all around. No more awkward questions about why I’m eating a giant mushroom or just cheese, bread, and condiments.

New name or not, I still cannot contain my child-like glee when I sink both.

Back home and after dark, we did our best to light up the cul-de-sac with our meager assortment of glow sticks and sparklers.

That was it. Nothing special but it doesn’t always have to be as long as it includes that phrase ‘as a family.’ Happy Fourth!



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