Scenes from Saturday + Grasshoppers & Hand Pies

It’s still only the beginning of August but we started blocking out the kid’s fall schedule. It’s going to be busy. My little car is going to be shuffling around Metrowest every afternoon.

I’m happy the girls have lots of interests but we also had to talk about making choices. I had to explain the dangers of FOMO and the myth of keeping up. I got that ‘Dad’ look from both of them. Drama camp has really paid off. They’ve got some some world-class eye-rolling now!

But it’s important, I think. These girls are about to be inundated with options, data, possibilities, and information. If I struggle to deal with it on a daily basis and stay sane, how are pre-teen girls going to handle it? Like a drop of water against a stubborn rock, I’m just going to keep dripping this into their ears and hope it makes a mark.

Be purposeful in your choices, know who you are, know what you care about, and don’t lose sight of the difference you’re trying to make in the world.


I’m guessing, if you asked the girls about their typical summer Saturday, yesterday might be how they describe it. Minus the beach party.

We woke up early and piled them into the car to drive down to the Cape. They are smiling because we let them watch Anne of Green Gables on the ride in anticipation of our return trip in a few weeks.


Sidenote: after a wet spring and scorching early summer, the tomatoes have also persevered. We picked some nice grape and yellow pear ones before we left.


This is the start of Camp Grammie Week 2. We still can’t totally trust Allison to pack socks and enough underwear but she can at least unpack herself now.


Stretching full out on the sofa is one of Dash’s favorite Cape activities. Pretty sure his DNA would show half cat.


There wasn’t enough time to beat the bridge traffic and do a Soles Saturday run but a run was still done when we made it to the Cape. The girls were quite impressed with the volume of my sweating. I’ll take my victories where I can get them.


Next it was off to the pool for a pre-lunch swim. At this point in the year, the water is warm enough even for me and Grammie.


There was a brief interlude with a small grasshopper after lunch and I only mention it because it’s real progress in the girl’s absolute fear of bugs and spiders.


Then it was down to the beach where it was windy enough that the calm bayside actually had some swells.


It was the neighborhood beach party and our street had dessert. Getting in the PEI mood, I made some dessert hand pies.


The weather was so nice even Ally decided she’d eat without too many complaints.


Knowing there was basically all-you-can-eat Ben & Jerry’s was certainly a motivation, too. I’m sure the girls’ sudden interest in spike ball had nothing to do with the proximity to the ice cream.


Dad’s chocolate chip cookie dough hand pie or Ben & Jerry’s? Tonight they didn’t have to make a choice. Harder choices will come soon enough.