Scenes from Saturday + Glamour Hair

Ambitious goal #37 for 2019: trying to crack the code of self-awareness with a nine year old.  

Me: Everything we experience in our lives involves us somehow.  

Cecilia: Duh. Do I really have to do this math problem?

Me: Yes. Now, just because you experience something, just because something causes you to feel a certain way, just because you care about something, doesn’t mean it’s about you.

Cecilia: [blank look]

Turns out this is a hard concept for kids. Making everything about them is sort of their speciality and, let’s face it feels pretty good most of the time.

When things are good, you are the golden child who deserves to be recognized and applauded at every turn. When things are bad, you are the self-righteous victim, who has been wronged and deserves better.

What drives me particular batty is this sense of deserving. 

Me: When you fail at something, it doesn’t mean you are a failure as a person, it simply means you are a person who happens to fail sometimes. When something tragic or sad happens or you are hurt, remember that pain afflicts all us, it is part of choosing to live, it is what gives meaning to life. Deserving or not deserving isn’t part of the equation. Does that make sense?

Cecilia: [blank look] Can I have my dessert now?

I’m going to admit this might take awhile….

Back to Saturday. When did slime become such a thing? I have no recollection of slime in my youth expect for it getting dumped on people’s heads during ‘You Can’t Do That On Television.’ Cecilia and her friend spent their half day yesterday making approximately 7 pounds of slime. This had the side effect of depleting my winter storm craft supplies. Some people get bread and milk. I get glue and glitter to make sure the kids are occupied.

We started the day on the couch with slime and Netflix’s Brainchild, a show I actually quite like. 


Dash and Michelle started the day with some sweet HR practice tests. 


It wasn’t nearly as cold as last week, but still opted for the tights for the group run, much to the girl’s delight. Just under nine miles done cruising around town.


Meanwhile back at home, the American Girl dolls were actually making themselves useful and baking some breakfast bread.


After breakfast we did something about Allison’s bangs situation. 


Cecilia was quite pleased with her grown-up salon blow out.


Getting Ally to eat continues to be a hit-or-miss affair. Last night the quesadilla used the wrong cheese. This morning the eggs were too “hard.” She did eat most of the loaf of breakfast bread.

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We tried mashed sweet potatoes for lunch with some success. Yes, she’s reverting to baby food.


Given we’ll likely be housebound tomorrow, we stopped off at the library for some DVDs and Wii games. Sometimes the novelty of a DVD can beat Netflix. Just Dance on the Wii will inevitably lead to arguments but it will get them moving.


Next it was on to basketball where Cecilia lost an earring (found at half time) and her salon hair was too slippery to stay in a hair tie, but the girls got their first win of the season anyway.

They learned about boxing out and rebounding this week at practice and I threatened to yell “Butt to the gut, Cecilia” repeatedly but one look at how embarrassed she got just in our kitchen kept me (mostly) quiet at the game.


Back at home, Ally hit up her craft table to make her friend a birthday card.


Ce manufactured some doll drama up in her room. BTW – quick update from last week: the smell still lingers. Our basement continues to smell like the inside of a 1980’s Strawberry Shortcake doll. There was a suspicious lack of playing in the basement today.


While Ally was at the birthday party and Mom was off doing her own run, Cecilia and I took Dash for a walk before the snow started in earnest. There’s something about woods walks that makes Ce very chatty. It’s when I learn all about fourth grade. 


We brought in one last load of kindling and wood before the snow.


And got in one last scooter ride, of course. 


Having a dedicated lap dog will keep you warm in the winter, but can sometimes get awkward.


Takeout for dinner tonight but I’m teaching Ce some dough recipes. We plan to make rotolos (fancy word for pizza rolls) tomorrow for the game. We are also planning to make this monster skillet cookie which the girls are rightly more excited about. When craft supplies are low, you can always bake.


Mom commandeered the couch and the fire after dinner, so the girls finished up the day sister-style watching a show in Ally’s room.


Saturday night. It’s snowing. Kids are asleep. Got my comfy pants on. I’m self-aware enough to know I deserve that glass of wine now.




  1. Love reading your blogs! We r out of the slime phase, thank god;) great seeing the girls yesterday at the salon. American girls making themselves useful made me lol! Continue taking C to the woods and never stop talking! Lots of love to all;)

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