Scenes from Saturday + Freckles & Rum

After eleven Father’s Days, my one piece of advice to my fellow Dads is to embrace and accept that you are not in control anymore. It’s not that the kids have all the control, it’s more the fact that you now have other lives to care for beyond your own.

It’s both freeing and humbling. You no longer have to decide the priority of things. It’s not a choice. You ARE driving to dance practice. You ARE making the lunches. You ARE watching another episode of Full House (cut. it. out.)

Embrace it and enjoy it. It’s not changing anytime soon. Or ever. I imagine even after they graduate or move out. You are still on call.

A last minute change of plans had us delaying our first trip down to the Cape for the summer. Instead we were stuck in the hometown frying pan yesterday. It was almost too hot to even blog. Almost. Here’s a quick recap of our hot and sticky summer solstice Saturday

Woke up and found Ally eating marshmallows and peanut butter. There is also a remnant of a strawberry pop tart. I later found just the bagel and peanut butter. No marshmallow. No one is ever allowed to tell her about the existence of Fluff.

We did our best to jam any outdoor activity that required moving your arms or legs into the 7 – 9 a.m. window. Michelle and I got in a run, then walked Dash and then watered the garden. I lost a cumulative 6 pounds in sweat.

We lucked out and found a last-minute cancellation spot at the pool, so off we went to swim. Sort of hoping even after we get past the current re-opening phase that they consider keeping this sign-up and capacity limits. So much nicer.

Well, some went swimming. Some of us had to recover….

Back home by lunch, we had to get in our quota of Full House.

A new batch of masks arrived. Ally was very excited for her donut print and very disappointed her Dad got another plain solid color.

3:15 – 6:15. Shade, friends, frozen blender drinks…

Back home, there was no way we were turning on any heating element so it was takeout. For a long time the girls thought Chinese food was just steamed shrimp, vegetables and dumplings. We recently let it slip that it might also include fried rice and noodles.

Happy Father’s Day. It’s a wild ride.



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