Scenes from Saturday + Flying Dogs

I came downstairs the other night and found Michelle sitting on the couch surrounded by a calendar, her laptop and 22 open browser tabs. It was summer camp planning time! After looking at our planned vacations, the sometimes stressful experience last year, and the general cost now with two kids going to camp full-time, we actually ended up scaling back the number of camps.

A bit counterintuitive, but it was just too much. Too much money, too much scheduling, too much logistics. Life is tough enough without stressing about what the kids will be doing on a random August Tuesday in May while it’s dark and raining and forty degrees out. We don’t need more excuses to drink wine.

We’ve decided to stop trying to constantly schedule engaging experiences each and every day. Just being at home together living our lives is good and enough.

So we are trying a less is more summer. The kids will have a few camps (can’t stay no to every theatre and musical camp!) and a few weeks on the Cape but mostly they will be home wandering around in the cul-de-sac. They will likely get bored at some point. They will likely get into petty sibling fights. They will definitely drive me crazy, too, but that’s all part of summer vacation. 

Along with the wine, of course.

We started this Saturday early. But with a twist. It was Michelle up, not the kids, and watching the sweet dulcet tones of Leslie Odom on PBS before dawn. Then it was off for her run.


I was up, too, at the laptop. The deadline to get the editor the book is less than a month away. June is coming up fast in the rearview mirror. #notstressing #sortoflying


Michelle finished her run and we tag teamed like the British Bulldogs in their prime and I was off to meet up with the Saturday group for my run.


But not before Ally woke up and wandered outside in her jammies. Cecilia had a sleepover at a friend’s house so Ally took her time getting up.


I returned from my run to find Ally tucked into the chair living the only child life with the iPad.


These are made with almond flour and almond butter so they are totally legit as a breakfast food, right?


There’s was a birthday party later in the day and as we covered a few weeks ago, no mass produced cards for me, so Ally spent some time putting her craft skills to good use.


Now that it was finally nice out, no one complained much about walking Dash.


Then it was off to soccer where Orange continued to it’s recent unbeaten streak (another fun-to-fun tie!)


Back home for a pickles and pizza lunch. I didn’t really see a point in arguing the aesthetics of lunch.


Michelle returned from the salon very happy with her new haircut. Michelle is very mellow about most things but she really (really) likes her hair stylist who moved away for a year but is now back and open in Natick.


The neighbors wandered over and the four of them attempted a very “creative” game. It could generously be called baseball. 


Weather couldn’t have been nicer to head over the library after all those pickles and check out the Flying Dogs show.


Afterwards, while Ally hit up that birthday party, the other girls shopped for new Italy luggage.


By the time we got home, the girls were starting to feel the effects of a late Friday night and, despite the warm and sun-kissed evening, we shifted into end-of-day mode: wine, dinner, Lawrence Welk (better than Benadryl), and bed.

Starting to think I should maybe record a few Lawrence Welk shows for those mid-July summer days….already beginning to re-consider this camp decision….