Scenes from Saturday + Empty City

The kids had winter break this week. We stayed put and I hit a pandemic wall. Not the first in the past year. Turns out an introvert who doesn’t mind going days without speaking to other humans has limits. I tried to fight it. Being tired is easy. Being a cynic is easy. Caring is much harder. Hoping is harder.

Who knows how this past year will effect the kids long term? Maybe they shrug it off. Maybe it’s a weird touchstone moment they share at parties. I do know it’s not fair to let my experiences deprive them of any hope they need to be happy. So I put on my Dad pants, vacuumed up my pity, stayed off the internet, and tried to stay positive.

Parenting is not easy. It takes a certain courage. The courage to wake up in the morning and keep up the good cheer even if you’re not feeling it. The courage to believe that making a better world is possible and worth it.

Parenting is hard. But it’s worth it.

Turns out Michelle had hit a wall, too. She announced she was taking Friday off and taking the kids into Boston for a stay in a hotel. A hotel with a pool.

They did not waste their opportunity, getting in a swim on Friday night and Saturday morning. We also weren’t the only ones with the same idea. You needed a pool reservation and they booked up fast.

It was more than a little strange and disconcerting being in the city when it was so empty.

But it didn’t dull Cecilia’s appetite. Her go-to restaurant breakfast is whipped cream with french toast and strawberries.

The only disappoint was the closest Anna’s Taqueria was closed. It’s rare we go into the city and don’t come back with a burrito.

Everything with Ally gets amped up. Sometimes that’s a nice thing. You’d think she hadn’t seen me for a week based on this hug.

Meanwhile, back in town, the transfer station activity was higher than last week, as was the parking pressure.

Not sure if it will be a drive-thru first communion or not in the spring but home schooling doesn’t stop with state standards. We’ve got sacraments to teach and souls to save. No pressure, Michelle.

She literally skipped inside Michaels, aka, the Glitter Palace, aka Dyson Vacuum Test Center.

“Can I get this? Oh, look at this! Hey, this is shiny.”

Approximately 4:30 in the afternoon. The sign of a good Saturday.

Back in their natural Saturday habitat. Ally pushed for more tablet time because she’d “walked hundreds of miles in the city.” The judge was not moved. We did watch TV.

Both girls seemed content with their week off. Tired, but happy. I was, too.



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