Scenes from Saturday + Donuts!

It’s becoming clear as we work our way through fourth grade that while in many ways Cecilia is very similar to me (mostly reserved, easily embarrassed, great hair), she definitely does not learn like me.

This realization, simple as it may seem, has led to more peaceful parenting when she gets home after school. It’s up to me to adapt and let her know that one, her way is legit and acceptable and two, that no matter what, I’m on team Ce and will be there to help her even if it means new math, taking the long way around, or listening to endless facts about Canada.

My #1 job is not to force a certain way or take delight only in accomplishments but to value and love her for the nutty young woman she is becoming, no strings attached. 

Neither of us is perfect, but starting from a place of compassion and support and not right versus wrong will hopefully have an impact on us long past fourth grade.


With the snow (supposedly) starting at dawn, there was no running group, no errands, no rush to do much of anything except jostle for the best spots on the couch. 


Oh, and make some donuts! I’ve never met a kitchen fad I wasn’t a year late on (see, pressure cookers or dehydrators. I was years ahead on kale and jack fruit, however).

We’re borrowing an air fryer to try out and it might be worth the cost alone just to make these breakfast treats. Of course, Ally’s first question was why I didn’t frost them. #spoiled.


For a girl with a sweet tooth the size of Alaska, she surprisingly does not cotton to warm donuts with butter, cinnamon and sugar. Go figure. I was eventually able to coax her into trying one with powdered sugar and sprinkles. 


She eventually conceded they were “okay.” Uh huh.


Dash (and his eyebrows) really wanted to try some to form a proper opinion.


Eventually Michelle couldn’t take sitting still any longer and decided to teach Ce how to make a lasagna. Donuts and lasagna before 9 a.m., that’s how we roll here.


Meanwhile, back on the couch: Ally might not want to help with the lasagna but she was up for watching cooking shows on Netflix. She really likes Nailed It. It was a legitimate question whether she’d move at any point during the day.


Michelle wasn’t going to have that and eventually pried Ally off the couch and took the girls sledding.


Back at home, it took 21 marshmallows for her to get warm again.


Lunch was more air fryer “testing.” Ce declared the grilled cheese “amazing.” She is definitely on the air fryer bandwagon.


We pulled out all the parental snow day tricks (I’m screwed if there is another snow day on Monday) for the afternoon slate of activities, including: making some play-doh.


And making some cookies.


And inviting Grammie over.


And making Cece take Dash for a walk in the woods.


This is a series she made me promise to publish with the title “Cecilia being awesome in the woods!!!”

We ended the day by taking advantage of the grandparent baby-sitters and going out to dinner and then hitting up a friend’s birthday party. Suspiciously, not many of those photos were in focus. Must have been too dark.

You know what else can lead to better and more peaceful parenting? Getting out without kids once in awhile!