Scenes from Saturday + Demo & Reno

The other night we ended up watching a Cesar Milan episode on TV. Ally will stop at anything with a dog. In the episode, he talked about projecting the right energy to your dog. The same could probably be said about my kids. When Cece and I get at loggerheads, Michelle likes to remind me that I’m the adult and that maybe it’s not always her, maybe she is reacting to me. To my energy.

As someone that works remotely and spends most of the day alone, she might have a point. I’m not letting the kids completely off the hook, sometimes they are just little monsters, but looking in the mirror first is probably a better teen management tactic than actually speaking first. I’m quickly learning that even my most innocuous comments can provoke.

Check the mirror, check the energy. If I can show them that things are good with me, they might be better with everyone else.

At the very least, Dash will be better behaved.

If the morning run had been at 3 a.m., I probably still would have looked like I ran laps in Russian steam bath. I am old and wise enough now not to do the long route on these days. Six sweaty miles was plenty.

It is Pan Mass Challenge weekend here and we did get a nice pick-me-up (and offered our own cheers) on our run back with the bikers flooding through the local roads.

Returned home by 8 a.m. to find Michelle with her toolbox out doing some plumbing.

Typical Saturday morning.

Luckily, this month’s chili donation to Haley House just beat the kitchen renovation start.

Michelle might be able to fix the flange on a sink but nobody can break down and chop a pepper more efficiently than me.

You know it’s getting real when the Port-o-John shows up in the front yard.

With the honey bucket view out the window, it was all hands on deck for much of the rest of the day doing the final kitchen and living room clear out before the demo starts on Monday.

Mostly all hands on deck. Ally is easily distracted by… anything.

There’s a new section of the transfer station: animal lawn ornaments! Clean, rigid plastic on one side of the building and clean, rigid animal-shaped plastic on the other. I approve of this development.

The girls were rewarded for their cleaning efforts with burritos for dinner from Achilitos, where they got to work on their Spanish ordering skills, and some shoe shopping.

The couch will not be impacted in the upcoming renovation.

We finished up Saturday with some Say Yes to the Dress.

Clearly, I wasn’t putting out the right kind of energy to get control of the remote.

Have a happy Sunday!


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