Scenes from Saturday + Day 2

Strange and interesting times, huh? That’s how we’re trying to pitch it to the girls after Ally woke up Thursday morning in a panic over not having Purell to take to school.

I sometimes worry that I complain too much about the kids here or what it costs (physically, mentally, emotionally) to try to be a good parent. But of course it’s totally worth the cost.

We pay a high price for these little monsters but we get so much in return.

And it’s not the vacation memories. Or the holidays. Or the dance recitals. Or any of the ‘big’ moments. It’s the ordinary moments: TV on the couch, playing in the yard, eating dinner together, even attending the (endless) shows.

And yes this is absolutely a pep talk for when the wine runs out on Thursday.


Given the news and stress of the week, it felt like a Florence Henderson kind of morning.

Unclear if the groomers will be under the quarantine order this week. Ally is making sure Dash doesn’t suffer too much.

Plenty of time to do some baking. Thankfully, I hoard butter on normal weeks and not just pandemics. First loaf of Irish soda bread ready for the oven. Trying whole wheat pastry flour this year.

Before hitting up the chores list, we did head out for some fresh air.

And some pogo sticking. I have a feeling we will be mining the depths of both the basement and the garage by the end of this for distractions. She should have done this at the fifth grade talent show. She is freakishly good at it.

Today’s lesson was actually pretty interesting and involved glass blowing.

Just because Band-o-Rama was canceled doesn’t mean trombone practice was canceled.

There will definitely be family sing-a-longs during this quarantine if Michelle gets her way.

I’m actually most worried for Michelle during all this. So far, she is still going into the office. All of us are a little worried about what might happen if she is forced to stay home. Entire rooms might get painted. Closets will definitely be cleaned out. Re-shingling the roof is not out of the question.

Saturday’s performance we held in the outdoor amphitheater.

Cecilia and her friend got together. I wonder how long the novelty of this will last?

A few days early, but making sure Allison understands the true meaning of her Irish heritage.

Might as well break out the china for a pandemic dinner. Also, there is really no way to make a boiled dinner look appetizing but the pressure cooker did a good job on the corned beef.

I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe. Enjoy those ordinary moments. Like opening that bottle of wine. Or vacuuming up that glitter.