Scenes from Saturday + Dancing Taxes

Stumbled on this unusual description of happiness this week and it’s stuck with me. It almost feels like a riddle. So simple as to be almost contradictory.

There are a lot of ideas about cultivating happiness through appreciation of the present and what you have but the the idea of gratitude for things we don’t have and don’t want sort of knocked me sideways.

Maybe I’m happier than I realized. Maybe we all are. Or could be.

For most, early April might mean opening day for baseball. In our house, it’s come to mean the opening of dance competition season.

Everyone was up early, and there was plenty of running, just not outside.

I know a surprising number of facts and techniques for dance competition hair prep.

Michelle and Ally were out the door by 5:30 and on their way to northwestern Massachusetts.

Sort of fortuitous that there was a competition this weekend otherwise the blog would have consisted of me working on our taxes for eight hours.

I know a surprising number of facts and techniques to Schedule C, Form 1099-B, and the various online software programs.

I did take a few breaks throughout the day.

It’s Michelle’s birthday on Monday and if you have a birthday in our house, you get to pick your cake.

This year, she requested a roasted strawberry sheet cake.

It’s not just baseball and dance kicking off this week. Early April also means it’s time for the spring road racing season and one of my favorite local 5k’s.

I picked up my bib for Hunter’s Run.

I think the key to running a good 5k is waiting long enough to forget how much the last 5k hurt. We’ll see this morning. I might be running while you are reading.

A few hours later, they made it to the venue and she was ready for the stage.

There were two dances on Saturday, and while she said she was nervous and had a minor costume malfunction, overall each went well and she was happy.

I try to avoid the girl’s bathroom as much as possible. It’s a scary place.

Passing the open door yesterday, I found sneakers mummified in paper towels.

The mind of a teenager….

Dash and the daffodils. Too wet and too tick-y for a woods walk yesterday.

He had to make do sipping from the less sophisticated street puddles.

You’d think dancing all day would be enough, right?

Nope. They finished the evening with a mother-daughter ABBA duet.

More dancing on tap for Sunday, of course. Plus, racing and the strawberry cake.

What’s on tap for your Sunday?


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