Scenes from Saturday + Cuts & Costumues

This week Cecilia created a set of flashcards to study for a social studies assessment. Not sure if I’m allowed to call it a test. Regardless, it might have been one of my proudest moments as a Dad and proof that the slow drip parenting method might pay off. I lived and breathed flash cards in school. If Michelle hasn’t found them yet and taken them to the transfer station, I’m sure there is at least one box of dog-eared index cards in the basement. I’ve been trying to get Ce to use them for years.

It would be nice if our kids just accepted our advice and could avoid all the pain and mistakes that led us to learn it in the first place but you quickly realize as a parent that this is not how it works. And, frustrating as it may be to watch them run head first into the wall, it’s probably for the best. To really learn, you have to really screw up. Best to do it when you’re young. A good parent lets them touch the hot stove. Rhetorically, of course.

But honestly, it would be easier if she had just made flash cards in the first place.

The girls were a little cranky and shy but Dash was ready for his morning closeup.

Michelle was out early to get her haircut and enjoyed the peace and quiet to actually get some reading done. Her typically pages read before falling asleep at night is 2.5.

After getting back from a very windy run, I found the costume changes already in full effect.

An hour later, they were still at it. If we do get quarantined, I think we have enough tulle, glitter, and costumes for at least a solid two weeks.

When I check in the third time, they’d swapped costumes for paint (they definitely took advantage of the fact that Mom was out of the house). Ally said she needed a beret. If this Paris trip gets delayed, we’re going to need more than berets.

Just a girl, her uke, and her dog.

She told me she’s very good at drawing beer and wine. Not sure how to take that one.

Required weekly picture of Dash’s walk in the woods. We didn’t rescue anyone lost in the woods this week.

Another thing to remember if I need to resort to extreme distractions during a quarantine. Youtube has a vast amount of American Girl hair styling videos.

Lots of hair related activities this weekend. When Michelle came home she immediately scooped up the girls to get their own hair cleaned up.

The after picture. You’ll notice that someone found some lipstick. We might have gone to middle school information night but makeup is not Dad approved.

Here’s Ally suddenly revived and energized with the holy spirit after Saturday night mass. Funny how that works.

We finished up the day with dessert and a couple of classic Brady Brunch episodes: Cindy has the lead role in her play and Marcia’s braces.

Did you know Jodie Foster was the other finalist to play Cindy? I bet I would have known that if it had been on a flashcard.



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