Scenes from Saturday + Cul-de-Sacs & Cocktails

During a rough patch, that is becoming a bit of a predictable pattern in our quarantine weeks these days, Ally miserably told us she feels like she is ‘living in the shadows.’

How do you respond to that as a parent? Later that same day, Ce had a meltdown over a piano piece that was clearly not about the piano piece.

We are all going to need so much therapy when this is over.

The toughest thing about being a parent many times is that you can’t just throw up your hands at intractable, difficult issues. You need to face them and I didn’t think my usual trick of deflecting the kids by telling them it was really spicy would work. We decided to try empowerment instead.

We all find ourselves struggling in the same mess together. But each of us has agency too, even, or perhaps especially, during adversity. Our job as citizens is to seize our own agency and help others realize their own. In this way, we can help others and ourselves. So if you feel like your living in the shadows find your own way out in whatever way you can.

After this stump speech, she promptly went upstairs and took an hour-long nap and was back to dancing in the kitchen that afternoon so perhaps I overshot the mark? She might have just been tired.

Maybe I should have stuck with the spicy line.

Michelle beat us all downstairs so we started this Saturday with…folding laundry. The woman doesn’t stop. The girls later wrestled the remote away and put on The Little Rascals.

Laundry folded, we snuck out for the rare Mom/Dad dual run. Here is Chelle looking fierce in the new Soles kit.

Usually, Michelle does not like to run with me. She doesn’t like Coach Mike. For some reason, running is about the only time I actually get chatty. Today I was happy not the push the pace and run along.

Tomorrow I have an actual live race, of sorts. I’ll be the live streamed runner for the HMEA 5k. I’m pretty sure my quarantine hair is going to cost me 5 – 10 seconds per mile in wind resistance, but if you’re curious, the race goes off at 10 a.m. for a very good cause.

We returned home to find the kids cleaning the house. No Ms Hannigan necessary! Though I later found out a bribe might have been involved.

The cul-de-sac concert this week featured a duet with Ally and Dave doing T. Swift’s Love Story. Ally crushed it!

Post performance lunch: beans, rice, and cottage cheese. She now claims peanut butter and jelly is gross so not sure where I go from here.

After cleaning the house, the other big to-do this weekend was getting the deck furniture cleaned and set up.

But forget about cleaning, concerts or cul-de-sacs, what I really want to talk about is this picture. This is a milestone. I feel like the only thing I have left to do now is pay for college. And until then I can sit back on Saturdays because the lawn is going to get mowed!

Michelle was so taken back even she decided to sit down for five minutes.

Okay back to the cul-de-sacs. It was so nice it was hard to be inside today and we weren’t alone. We had an encore neighbors gathering for cocktail hour. We have definitely gotten to know our neighbors better in these last two months.

Then it was back to the porch for some grilled pizzas. It took a few pies until I remembered what I was doing but it was all still tasty.

And that was our ninth Saturday in quarantine. Not much happened. In a good way.



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