Scenes from Saturday + Crepes & Marshmallows

One of my favorite things about being a member of my local running group is the various ages of people that it brings me in contact with each week. My experience is no longer defined just by the parents from daycare or from fourth grade or from the cul de sac. It opens me up to a wider range of opinions, experiences, and…knowledge of whiskey brands. Love of beer and bar trivia were just a happy accident, I swear.

So, I found myself nodding along and recognizing some of myself in this article that circumvents those calendar-based designations designed to divide us into marketable groups in favor of a mindset.

“A Perennial is a self-selecting, positive term for curious people who resist being defined by any one characteristic, especially age. Perennials get involved, stay curious, mentor others, are passionate, compassionate, creative, confident, collaborative, global-minded, risk-takers who continue to push up against our growing edge and know how to hustle.”

Those characteristics all sound like things that would be good for me, my kids, and my friends. Relevance for all ages.

A chilly morning found the girls curled up on the couch and aghast that I would voluntarily go outside in the semi-dark to run.

Ally in particular is someone that wakes up very slowly and needs all the cuddles to get her day started.

To be fair, she was feeling slightly under the weather, mostly I think to being up too late for a ten year old.

At what age do kids learn the life skill of swallowing pills? Since I need to take a handful everyday, I take this very much for granted but the girls hate pills more than suggestions of flash cards. Will I be buying liquid infant Tylenol when they are sixteen?

Will they still make the yucky medicine face then, too?

It’s winter recital weekend and the practice time and anxiety has ratcheted up over the past week. Both girls have pulled it together and I expect they will do fine.

Dads in the audience might be another story.

The transfer station continues to deliver surprises and weekly delights. Don’t let this image haunt your holidays.

For those asking about the kitchen, here are a few pictures. We didn’t change the footprint very much, more of a refresh to make it brighter and more modern with a lot more storage.

We are happy with the results despite the lack of a dedicated pizza oven.

Since we were not going to be able to find time to get to Bryant Park in NYC this year, we ventured into Boston to check out the holiday markets at Snowport.

It was cold. And windy. Especially down by the water. No way to sugarcoat that face. We took it as a challenge to see how much mulled wine and hot chocolate we could drink.

You could purchase a shot of bourbon for your hot chocolate.

Despite the cold fingers and toes, we enjoyed browsing the stalls and picked up a few prints for the kitchen walls along with sampling more than a few food stalls.

A twenty minute wait in the cold for crepes shows dedication. And that they haven’t forgotten France.

The trip downtown was really a thinly veiled excuse to visit one of our favorite pizza restaurants in the South End.

We definitely earned this boiling hot mac ‘n cheese. It took more than one spoonful for Ally to stop shivering but she managed.

This, in my opinion, is the proper amount of char on a pizza.

Like any good Saturday, we finished it up back in comfy clothes on the couch.

Ally is currently obsessed with Google slides. I’m not sure why but it gets her to practice her typing. And to learn early to avoid Comic Sans or Papyrus fonts.

To finish up Saturday, we had to complete a self-made quiz about Ally.

We all passed.

Have a great Sunday!


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