Scenes from Saturday + Crafts & Cupcakes

So it’s parent-teacher conference time. Both kids are doing fine but it’s a good reminder for me to never minimize their accomplishments. It’s something that I find challenging at times. It can be easier for me to point out what else they could have done than to praise what they have done.

By this point, it’s very obvious that while Cecilia and I share many traits, how we learn is vastly different. How someone with my genes can hate flash cards? I still have flash cards I made in college! (At some point, on some Saturday, Michelle will discover them in the basement and take them to the transfer station.) It’s not my job to change her or make her see it my way (unless it’s about Boston sports). It’s my job to be on team Ce, to root for her and encourage her. To make sure she understands that I’m proud of her regardless not because she is perfect or smart. That I’m most proud of her high marks in effort and how she has the confidence to keep trying new things.

The big news this weekend is that after a long and excited countdown, Ally’s birthday is finally here. And the party falls on a Saturday. Happy Birthday to me. This blog is practically going to write itself.

Party of not, we start on the couch. There is nothing warmer on a cold morning than fleece and a dog on your lap. Michelle might argue flannel but we don’t want to start that argument again.


Ally opened some family gifts Friday night and when she woke up this morning she wasted no time setting up her easel and painting the sunrise.


Cecilia does not enjoy cleaning for the party but she does enjoy setting things up and planning out the show. If she doesn’t make it as an actress she could be a director.


Probably not a surprise that Ally chose a craft theme for the party. They made their own ornaments. I officially gave up ever cleaning up all the glitter.


A new December chore that will be a staple for years to come? Addressing and stamping the Christmas cards. 


Dash was not happy to see that his nemesis ‘the train’ was back.


This is the look that says the other beater clearly had more leftover batter! How could you betray me on my birthday, Dad?


Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get to skip piano. Not with a recital on Sunday. I’ve got about two more lessons before she is beyond my meager help. 


Big guy, little pastry bag. Ally’s choice this year? Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting and Christmas sprinkles.


I was honored to not only be selected by Ally as the pastry chef for her party but also the pizza chef. After seven years, I finally vanquished local Papa Ginos chain! And all the girls ate the pizza. Except the crust, of course. No self-respecting seven year old eats the crust.


After the craft and food, the movie kept them mostly quiet and still. Quiet enough that I couldn’t hear them through my noise-canceling headphones in the next room. I’d call that a success.

After everyone left, Ally reminded us the party isn’t over (and we couldn’t open the wine) until all the presents were open.

Happy 7th birthday, Ally!

Wine opened!