Scenes from Saturday + Couch & Coughing

We are at an interesting point in the homework journey. No, this isn’t about new math. Cecilia has run that gauntlet and we are back on the safer footing of long division and I’m hoping the second time through it makes more sense with Allison. I’m referring to how to help them find answers. Ally is still at the point where if she hits a roadblock we just need to tell her. There’s no easy way for her to discover how to spell ‘vegetarian’ short of asking me or Alexa.

Cecilia is on the opposite end of that spectrum. When she hits a roadblock we’ve been working on asking the right questions and then helping her find the answer. This often leads to slumping, sighing and eye rolls. I’m trying to teach her to love the process. To really get excited about it. Learning new things is something I love almost as much as carbs and reading. I want to pass that on. 

In this on-demand society learning things the slow way is…an adjustment for a ten year old but I’m hoping it eventually leads to her helping herself figure things out. I really do love learning new things but I can’t go through trigonometry again. 


Michelle was up first and got control of both the prime TV spot and the remote. Even if we vanquished all comers at Friday’s holiday movie trivia night, our dedication to studying for next year starts early.


I was up early, not to run (no, not because it was raining or cold), but because I had to make some hand pies for the annual Soles breakfast.


Despite hacking coughs (what the girls just refer to as winter), the girls were determined to keep up their holiday tradition of visiting the enchanted village at Jordan’s furniture. Michelle was determined to keep up the tradition of getting there early and maybe saving her sanity. There was a line….


But it could (and would) get much worse by the time they left. These coralles were filled up.


The Enchanted Village was originally built in 1958 for Jordan Marsh by a Bavarian toy maker as 28 fully decorated holiday scenes with 250 “magically” animated figures. For Philly folks it is sort of the holiday equivalent of the Wannamaker light show but with the creepy factor turned up a few notches.


There’s also an indoor “ice” rink and a 4D Polar Express ride in case your kids aren’t scared enough.


And that was pretty much for the Saturday adventures. It went downhill fast. The entire family has a hacking cough to varying degrees and the couch started calling. 


I will say the day care germ gauntlet did toughen the girls up and they rarely get sick but when they do it usually lays them out. You know anytime they both agree to a mid-day nap without an argument that they are not feeling great.


While they slept, Michelle also took a nap. Actually who am I kidding. You’d never believe that. That happens maybe twice a year. She did lay down and then was up 20 minutes later prepping gifts in the distribution/dining room.


And then making the pasta dough for Christmas Eve. She might be the world’s worst napper.


Dinner was soup and stromboli and Dash-approved.


Then it was back to the couch for more holiday movie trivia study.


We cranked up the fire, gave them both a dose of Nyquil, and had them nodding off on the couch by 7:15. 


Cecilia is now officially too big for me to carry up the stairs…


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