Scenes from Saturday + Costumes & Canines

We are just over a month into Ally and the trumpet. It’s noisy and not very good which is exactly how it should be right now. She’s loving it.

It’s also another thing that needs to be practiced.

As a parent, my job is to love and support the girls. To be their number one fan and help them find who they are supposed to be. But that doesn’t come without conditions or constraints. If she wanted to drop the trumpet tomorrow and pick up oil painting, that wouldn’t happen. At least not right away.

Conditions and constraints can be a good thing. They keep her accountable. They make her earn it—take the responsibility of her learning, her interests, and her potential seriously.

And maybe they can help Dads get over worries and doubts, too.

I suppose I should be thankful it took almost 13 years, but the algorithm finally did me in. Cecilia discovered Adam Sandler’s oeuvre on Netflix.

When you have a ten year old dog, you develop certain benchmarks and behavioral checks on their health. Does Dash get off his couch perch and come into the kitchen during weekly meal prep?

He was at Michelle’s heels before the meat had hit the pan. All good for this week.

Next, we spent a few hours scrubbing our souls with cuteness. Cuteness that also translates into trouble making curiosity.

But how can you stay mad at faces like this?

It’s almost time to say good bye to this class of puppies. Four of the nine have now gone on to start their training and service.

If you are local and interested in volunteering, GoFi is always looking for help, especially when puppies are around.

For the next few weeks, it will be a weekly battle of Michelle versus the leaves and overflowing gutters in our yard.

Yesterday: Leaves 1, Michelle 0.

It’s almost happy season when we get an extra day of Transfer Station availability throughout November.

Take note, they will now be charging for mattress and box spring drop offs.

Is this just a Philly thing? I know many people now mark fall with the inundation of pumpkin spice items, but Michelle always gets fired up over (falling leaves and) the arrival of Ivin’s Spiced wafers in the food store.

Sadly, late night snacking didn’t bring the Phillies any magic last night.

I have to admit I am not a huge Halloween party and it’s only a testament to how much I like our friends that I agree to attend their Halloween party each year.

Every year, it’s a balancing act to find the minimum viable costume.

It might also be the one day a year I dust off the iron. Ally had no idea what an iron board was.

Last week, mummy brie. This week mummy meatballs. We committed hard to puff pastry this year.

This is also the one acceptable use, in my opinion, of French’s neon yellow mustard outside of a ballpark frank.

Maybe the last Halloween for Ce? Jerseys and onesies. We’ve certainly moved into more functional costumes for both.

Happy Sunday. Have a safe trick or treating time tomorrow.


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