Scenes from Saturday + Costco

It was a gray, unsettled, sometimes wet Saturday here. In other words, spring in New England! But it wasn’t freezing. And we weren’t over scheduled for what felt like the first time in a month. We had the usual dance class for Cecilia (recital costumes arrived today! – very exciting in the life of an 7 year old dancer), a trip to Costco (free lunch of samples for the kids!) and then some science fair prep (nothing like some Saturday homework). 

As usual we started the day on the couch with a show and some maple sausages….


I didn’t think maple sausage would sit all that well during my morning run, so I opted for a “safer” runner’s breakfast. It’s only taken until March, but I finally took advantage of a slow morning and cooked some steel cut oats. It was worth the wait.


After their Saturday treat of breakfast on the couch with a TV show, it was time for piano practice for Cecilia. While practice time is still a challenge, it’s been fun to see (and hear) Cecilia improving in just the six months of so she’s been at it.


Meanwhile, if Ally isn’t dancing around while Cecilia plays (how else can a little sister annoy the big one), she’s probably coloring or teaching her bunny class some lesson.


While all that was going on, I headed out in the gray mist to get a run in before meeting up with the rest of them after Cecilia’s dance class. Despite currently training for an Olympic triathlon, I still like to get a double digit long run in during the week at some point to maintain that fitness. I knew today I would be short of ten miles, but was hoping for 75 minutes or 8-10 miles at an easy pace. I ended up with 8.25 miles and about 70 minutes. Good enough. Hoping I don’t have to do these snow piles much longer.


After dance class, we headed out to Costco. I don’t know why we thought mid-day on a Saturday was a smart time to go, but it was the only time that fit this weekend so we gritted our teeth and just got it done. Barely. It was packed and stressful from the first step in the door.


After almost ten years of membership, we have streamlined our bulk shopping and only rarely end up with a serious (and large) mistake in our cart. Here are the things we typically buy (about once a month):

  1. Frozen pineapple – for green smoothies, not sure why regular supermarkets don’t carry frozen pineapple, but most don’t
  2. Organic spinach – for green smoothies again, can’t beat the price for a big bag
  3. Hummus – it’s not the best, but it’s not bad and sometimes I’m all about quantity 
  4. Berries – the girls will take down 2 pints of raspberries or blackberries in a day
  5. Brussels sprouts – is there anything better than roasted Brussels sprouts?
  6. Honeycrisp apples – the price is still insane even here, but it’s the best one I’ve found
  7. Other fruit – kiwis, blueberries, clementines – anything but the bananas which we’ve never had luck with ripening well
  8. Victoria marinara – our favorite pasta sauce, but it’s pricey
  9. Lunch snacks – various packs for the girls’ lunches
  10. Frozen rice & cheese burritos – for my lunch
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After surviving Costco, we needed some lunch (the girls will often get the $1 hot dogs at Costco but the line was way too long) and drove the short way over to b.good, our favorite local chain of healthy, casual food. I had a bunch of freebies, so we over-ordered a bit. My Brussels sprouts, kale, quinoa and egg bowl salad was excellent.


Even a cold, gray day couldn’t quell the need for some ice cream. They both went with brownie batter.


In the same shopping plaza as b.good and the ice cream store was the Amazon book store. I couldn’t resist taking a quick tour. It’s basically like physically shopping the online store. The store isn’t that big and doesn’t carry a huge amount of books, but the selection felt varied and highlighted some of the features Amazon has developed online, like star ratings, customer reviews and related products. In addition to the books, there were also lots of Amazon products like the Kindles and Amazon Basics.


While I was in the book store, the ladies went shoe shopping. So stereotypical. But it ended up being the score of the day as the girls picked out their Easter/First Communion shoes and together they just barely cracked $20.


The gray day must have put people in a shopping mood because it was just nuts at both Costco and the surrounding area, so it took awhile to navigate the traffic and get home. I took some selfies to keep my sanity.


When we did finally make it home, the girls were very fired up to see that the package they had been waiting for all week had arrived. Ally wanted to model her new winter gear, while Cecilia was excited to show off all the costumes that they received at dance class earlier in the day. Cecilia is in three dances this year, so triple the costume excitement.


At this point, we were all pretty much fried, but the science fair waits for no one, so we all chipped in with helping Cecilia prepare her science board. She is testing liquid density. We did all the experiments and observations last weekend.


The rest of the night was spent convincing the kids to put themselves to bed (didn’t really happen) and sitting on the couch until it was socially acceptable for adults to go to bed.



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