Scenes from Saturday + Cooking & Carbs

Hypothetically speaking, I might have gotten upset with Cecilia this past week for forgetting two things that she needed for dance class. We had to turn around and go back to the house.

Why can’t she be more organized? She’s got all these tools and technology at her disposal that I never had. She has a computer in her pocket that can buzz and beep and automatically remind her to pack these things. She’s got it easy. Kids have it easy.


Maybe all these things I never had might make it harder? Maybe, despite my best efforts, I’m not the easiest person to live with. Maybe being a kid has always been and always will be harder than I can remember. Maybe the best response isn’t yelling or getting frustrated but trying to empathize.

I turned around and we drove back to the house, got the stuff, and the drove back to dance.

Turns out dance lessons don’t start until this week. I should probably put a reminder in my phone.

The usual start to the day. Michelle and I went out for runs. The girls went from under blankets in their bed to under blankets on the couch.

We are not pumpkin spice acolytes. I am okay with pumpkin spice during the fall, in the proper context. I do not need pumpkin spice salad dressing or pumpkin spice pickles.

Maple pumpkin muffins are allowed.

After blitzing through her outdoor chores list the previous two weeks, Michelle decided to take a break. In her own way. She spent most of the day indoors making pasta and meatballs.

If your wife is spending all day making pasta, the least a man can do is make some bread.

Was this an excuse to open a beer before noon?


Seventh grade is getting real. Four tests next week. You know what that means? Flash cards! Her social studies teacher even insisted she make old-school index cards. Can you tell how much Ce is enjoying it? Can you tell how much I am?

She did learn her Spanish vocab, however. #powerof_flashcards

There was an uneventful Transfer Station run.

I wonder if anyone has ever been docked with a fine? Or is this akin to the fake security alarm signs you can buy for your yard? I’m an avid reader of the local police blotter and never spotted a Transfer Station violation. Good name for a band, though.

Music this week: Tom Petty.

Back at the house, Michelle was still going. I put the bread in the oven but abandoned the kitchen. Our cooking styles are at opposite ends of the neat and orderly spectrum.

Grammie and Poppie, learning to love the trombone bass line.

Might also be the first time someone has practiced the trombone in a jeans jacket hoodie.

Have I ever introduced “Stella” on the blog before? It’s the strange and unique Christmas gift that just keeps on giving. Cecilia has become quite good at hair styling.

She’s also become quite good at strategically placing Stella around the house to scare people.

Dash has a new cul-de-sac friend. This is Bizzy. Dash has spent most of the week trying to get her to respect her elders. Bizzy has spent most of the week trying to bite Dash’s ears.

Clearly inspired by her parents, Cecilia decided to make a cake.

Yes, it was pumpkin spice. She was granted a waiver contingent on using a cream cheese frosting.

The bread and pasta and meatballs came out great and we had a full on Sunday night meal on a Saturday.

We finished up the day back on the couch watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding. You can see the fish out of water jokes coming a mile away but they still land pretty well. It passed the Cece laugh test.


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