Scenes from Saturday + Contact & Cupcakes

Cecilia very much reminds me of me when I was her age and thrust into just about any social situation. Unless it involved sports or someone handing me a book, I was filled with equal parts terror, embarrassment, and anxiety. Michelle cannot wrap her head around this plight.

I only have two bits of advice that might help. First, any fears about what other people think are overblown and rarely worth getting worked up about. Social media doesn’t help, but it’s not just technology, it’s human nature. We selfishly love ourselves the most but often care more about what other people think. Even complete strangers. If there was one thing I could hammer into a teenager’s head it’s that other people think about you far less than you imagine. The next time you are feeling self-conscious, stop and look around, pretty much everyone else is likely doing the same thing.

Second, as we head into gratitude season, when in doubt, just say thank you. There is no downside. Showing too much gratitude to the people in your life is rarely a problem. Even a teenager can’t roll thei— wait, yes they can.

It was a cool and clear morning and with temperatures below freezing, it was the first official Saturday group run in leggings. I’ll spare you any pictures of my spandex legs.

I could have used the blankets the girls were cocooned in. Alas, they finished Girl Meets World so I’ll no longer start my weekends with Cory and Topanga.

I returned from my run to a kitchen filled with the smell of chocolate and buttermilk. Nothing better after a chilly seven miles than coffee and warm waffles.

After a pandemic hiatus, there will be a piano recital this year. Trying to convince Cecilia not to play Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree for the third time. But she has a sentimental feeling.

I feel like every latch key kid (not that Ce’s a latch key kid but I don’t make her lunch anymore) eventually discovers the simple joys of bagel pizzas.

It finally happened. I feel like we’ve been holding our breath since the start of the year but we received a close contact email on Friday. So Ally is in quarantine until next Wednesday. She’s negative and can go to school but she was disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to attend to two birthday parties this weekend.

Ice cream helped last night. No dancing but there were smiles and she didn’t let it stop her from making cards for the birthday girls.

Ally and I made Dash some pumpkin peanut butter treats. Why should humans have all the pumpkin spice fun.

Turns out Ally didn’t have to miss all the parties. Her friend dropped off a cupcake decorating kit and they facetimed her for the entire party. High-five for resilient Covid kids.

Dash was under the weather most of last week. He’s on the mend now but he also on meds. Meds he does not like to take. He managed to eat all his food but leave the hidden pill. He’s just mocking me now.

The best of humanity is not exactly on display at the grocery store right now. You could lose a hand reaching for the sage.

The burrito game out in the ‘burbs has improved dramatically in the last two years. Still doesn’t beat our favorites in the city but we no longer need to settle for Chipotle (or <shudder> Qdoba</shudder>). We can now get above average Mission-style burritos without a 45 minute drive.

Cecilia is not amused when I photograph her eating.

The night ended back on the couch where the girls found another Disney series to binge. What former child star will show up as an adult in this one? Disney contracts must be ironclad.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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