Scenes from Saturday + Clouds & Cocktails

I woke up yesterday to gray skies and heavy rain. It was not a morning that invited or inspired a morning run. But I had no excuse not to write. A wet and soggy sunrise is practically an invitation to stay inside and dream up a warm and sunny locale.

I’m currently in the soggy middle of the new book and I’m convinced it’s pointless drivel that would be rejected for the back of a cereal box. I also know this is completely normal and happens with just about any creative work. The vision and the reality almost never co-exist.

In fact, I’ve found having a vision of what a book might look like can often be harmful. Squeaky clean artifacts that only exists in your mind can make it really hard to get started. Reality is messy. What I’ve found most helpful is practice. The phrase, just going through the motions, gets a bad rap. A lot of great things, not just creative things, get done by showing up day after day.

It might not match any vision but it will exist. I don’t know exactly where this book is going but I’m going to show up and find out.

We started Saturday as a split squad. The girls and I were on the Cape and Michelle was back home.

We had planned to return home but exactly when was going to depend on the weather.

The weather was not good to start. Rain on the Cape eliminates about 95% of the activities that don’t involve puzzles or parlor games.

Dark, gloomy, and wet had Dash wishing he could just use the indoor plumbing.

Meanwhile back at home, Michelle at least tried to relax and enjoy the empty house.

For one cup of coffee. Then the whispers started and…

…out came the power tools, transfer station run, grocery shopping, and workout.

For the girls, instrument practice, reading each day, and some Spanish are on the summer agenda.

Ally likes to try to get it done early. Cecilia likes to wait for the cover of darkness.

Cord-cutting has gone fully mainstream when Poppy ditches the Comcast modem rental fee.

The beach house network has been upgraded.

I think his blood pressure will improve too, since YoutubeTV does not get the Red Sox.

Before we left, the girls hit up the church fund-raising faire where Ally charmed the older women and talked Grammie into the necessity of an ice cream sundae basket for the beach house.

I railed like an old man about the price of lobster rolls last week but the price of a single ice cream cone also could make a dent in the kid’s 529 plans so she might be right, better to spend $30 on these supplies than scrape behind the couch cushions to pay for another waffle cone.

It’s always the days you least expect it that you hit the worst traffic but it was a much longer drive than usual to get back home.

And to make matters worse, the rain had scuttled some of the library’s summer reading kickoff events including the baby goats. Ally was bummed. The only thing better than baby goats at the library would have been nachos or ice cream sundaes.

She tried to dance out the disappointment.

Do I own a tortilla press that you can borrow? As if you even had to ask.

The rain had let up by late afternoon but the humidity had kicked up. I decided on an indoor workout.

I’m not sure it made much of a difference in my sweat rate. I wonder if they have a line item in the budget for treadmill repairs due to heavy moisture.

Regular gym go-ers know to give me at least one, maybe two, treadmill buffer.

When I returned home, the ladies were having cocktails on the porch.

Ally didn’t get to see the baby goats but she did get her nachos for dinner.

Happy Sunday! Get out and go through the motions today.


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