Scenes from Saturday + Closets & Casseroles

You could try to practice the opposite of jealousy, which is something like the concept of “mudita”:

Mudita is word from Sanskrit and Pali that has no direct translation in English. Which sort of says something in itself. Mudita means sympathetic or unselfish joy, or joy in the good fortune of others.

If you have trouble practicing mudita, you are not alone. It’s hard. I think a lot of it comes down to ego. This is where I find Allison and her basement studio so inspiring (and why I have trouble working up any anger at the mess she constantly makes). Creativity and ego cannot go together.

She sits and paints or creates in her little space because she is largely free from comparing herself to others. She is almost pathologically not jealous and that freedom makes her creativity gush out out like a geyser.

I hope she’s able to stay in that basement space as long as possible.

Our day started early on Friday night.

Ever since we visited PEI a few years ago and maybe, sort of, might have caught a glimpse of the northern lights, Michelle has been obsessed and has been getting ‘space weather alerts’ from NOAA. It’s become sort of a running joke.

It was no joke on Saturday morning. Her phone was going crazy.

For good reason. Enhanced by the camera, it was still a very good show up on the cul de sac.

Despite being up late, the next morning was a good day for a run.

The back/hip has been feeling good and I’ve been slowly ramping up the mileage but a 10k race might have been a bit aggressive, but it was a home race, so I was going to line up.

Since becoming a “master’s” runner, my goal has been to always run under my age. This has been a pretty soft goal up until now. I knew the back half was rolling with a nice hill right before the end.

Despite being almost two minutes slower than last year, I did manage to keep the under-my-age streak alive and I was the first old guy over the line.

Conveniently close to the race. The swap is open and overflowing.

Michelle was walking around tagging things in the basement to take over.

I came home to find Allison had cleaned out her closet so she could… hang out.

“It’s called childhood, Dad.”

Got it.

The annual (and slightly mysterious – who is this guild? why are we always auditioning for them?) piano spring guild auditions are this week, so there is some last minute cramming.

The kitchen was busy all day whether I was prepping for Mother’s Day brunch or Michelle was baking a dessert for dominoes night.

It’s a little difficult to tell it’s May at our house because the deer spent all winter and spring using our plants and shrubs as a Ponderosa buffet line, but a visit to the nursery did confirm it.

Some plants and flowers are actually blooming.

Michelle learned the hard way that if you deviate from Dash’s expected woods walking route, you’re going to get a hard no.

We are nearing the end of freshman year, but two big tests this week means flashcards on Saturday.

But look, we made it through the Battle of Britain with a small smile.

Flashcards done, it was time for some fun and games.

Appropriate for Mother’s Day eve, the ladies won all the rounds we played.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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