Scenes from Saturday + Child Labor & Frank Pepe’s

I need to crowdsource an answer. There is an ongoing disagreement about wages in our house. We have begun to pay Cecilia an allowance for doing things around the house.  I’ll admit I’m a little…frugal. I see some valid points in Scrooge and Marley’s business practices. 

Honestly, other than emptying the dishwasher and occasionally walking Dash, it’s mostly things she either was already doing or needed to do anyway, such as practice her instruments and do her homework. The crucial fine print: do it all without complaining. And to be fair, most days she has gotten down to business when she gets home. That has been a real welcome maturation. Now, I’m all about teaching them the value of a dollar, so how much would you pay a 10 year old for those services?

At 4 a.m., we discovered that Dash had eaten a blue crayon at some point on Friday. He’s seven. You’d think he’d stop eating everything like a puppy. The girls were happy to baby him on the couch and nurse him back to health.


It was the first sub-30 degree Saturday morning run which means the running tights came out. The girls love it when I talk about wearing tights. High hilarity. I think the chill had people motivated. It was a fast one.


When I returned the girls had whipped up quite a breakfast buffet. Nothing like eating pancakes decorated with (food grade) markers.


I was even more impressed that Cecilia washed and dried all the dishes. Maybe she knew about the topic of my post today? 


Plinking out Hark the Herald Angels Sing before 9 a.m. Only 53 more days!


We got out into the woods for a morning walk. It’s too pretty not to these last few weeks. The girls took advantage of the scenery to have a little fashion photo shoot.


Cecilia has the moody, disinterested, ‘what do you now Dad’ face down pat already.


There were errands accompanied by bribes. For you fans out there, this included a stop at the transfer station. Now open Saturday and Sunday in November for all your leaf needs!


They made a compelling case for these clearance items.


Some of the mystique may be lost given the convenience of all the new locations but the pizza still tastes great. I have yet to totally replicate Pepe’s white clam pie at home to my satisfaction. On the plus side, far fewer pilgrimages to downtown New Haven.


We continue to search for the elusive red Peroni in the States. We diligently tested this whole pitcher. Not the red.


The Morano gelato is the closest we’ve found to actual get-it-in-Italy Italian gelato. It’s really good.


Our last task of the day was making some chili for Haley House. Are you team celery? Our house is very divided.


The girls ended the day with some comfort food: The Descendants.


I should mention that Ally continues to freak herself out on a regular basis and we often find her sleeping in Cecilia’s room on the floor a few days a week. Maybe not having her wake us up is worth paying Cece $5 a week alone…