Scenes from Saturday + Champagne & Croissants

Just a quick note and some photos as I try to stuff as many pastries in my mouth as possible before I get on the plane. Though the plane isn’t all bad. Air France gives you free wine.

After a two year delay, it was a quick but wonderful trip to Paris aided by an almost unbelievable stretch of perfect spring weather. Parisians know how to just hang out.

One thing about traveling as a family is that you notice being a parent transcends borders and language. You might not be able to speak the same language as the family at the next table but you certainly recognize the same ups and downs.

After days spent walking (and in the case of Versailles, biking) the city streets, Ally would have probably preferred to hang out on the hotel’s couch but starting the day with hot chocolate and croissants isn’t a bad second option.

We did notice the EU tourists would have one and a coffee and get on with their day. We… did not have just one. By yesterday, they were bringing up two baskets to start.

In our defense, we did a lot of walking. You need sustenance.

First stop of the day was Saint Chapelle where even the camera couldn’t cope with the sunrise and all the stained glass.

We then walked up the riverbank to see some art.

Ally found a stage, of course. Dancing transcends borders, too.

The Louvre definitely lived up to its reputation. The scale is mind boggling.

With Asia still widely locked down and many Americans still not traveling, the crowds were not overwhelming.

Notre Dame still has a long way to go but seeing the impact of the fire up close, it’s amazing that so much of the building was saved.

We now stop for any trombonist.

Gotta say, I’m going to miss the long lunches and tasty buckwheat galettes.

Ally is definitely going to miss her banana and chocolate crepe lunches.

Remember, that was her lunch course. She still needed dessert.

I need to get some cone holders.

One new wrinkle to traveling. Wondering if you are going to get stuck. Michelle managed to get her first cold in two years, so… there was a little suspense to the return testing.

There was also a very French interaction with a flustered pharmacist that would have made Jerry Lewis proud.

In the end, we did get our documents to go home. Michelle was relieved.

There was more walking and some shopping in the afternoon before returning to the hotel to freshen up before dinner.

And by freshen up, I mean, drink champagne, of course.

The hotel was near the Eiffel Tower and we went each night to watch it sparkle. It was Ally’s favorite part of the trip.

Not a bad view to take back home.


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