Scenes from Saturday + Chaffles & Crisp

The girls are past the constant question stage, but with school back in session, we still get the occasional query. Just like I hope to (eventually) pass down off my love of reading, I also hope they never completely stop trying to figure things out.

Michelle is a great role model for this attitude. She will ask questions of anyone at anytime and she will keep asking until she understands. I prefer to try to do it on my own (or ask machines) until I hit a deadend before I go looking for human help. Perhaps not the most efficient approach but I think we each maintain as adults an ‘everything is figureoutable‘ attitude in different ways. That’s the most important part.

Too many of us let our curiosity slowly dwindle after we close that last textbook. Our minds slowly close as we get older.

Kids and their questions are a great reminder that we should never stop trying to learn or never be satisfied not knowing the answers to some things.

All the ladies were feeling a little ragged on Friday night, so Saturday they had a bit of a sleep in. That means 7 a.m for Michelle.

I tried to be chivalrous and offered to walk Dash while she recuperated on the couch. She agreed.

Off we went for an early morning woods walk…

And we returned to find this…

I’m mildly surprised there wasn’t some sort of retaining wall or extra room added to the house while I was away last week.

In other news, Ally discovered chaffles this week (one egg, lots of cheese) in the mini-waffle maker.

Since then, she has been playing the will-it-waffle game all week.

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. After finishing the lawn, Michelle took on one of her favorite Saturday activities. Get manic about a room or area of the house and just fill trash bags until she stops seeing red.

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We are back to full family band rehearsals with school starting up.

Trumpet, trombone, piano. Michelle singing to T.Swift while she demos a wall. Saturday is full of music.

Please note Ally’s special piano practice shoes.

It was our town’s chamber of commerce day and while that is too many people and too much potential small talk for me, the girls loved it.

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows at the transfer station. Sometimes the gargoyles get into people souls and there are spirited debates about what can and can’t go into the recyclables compactor.

Meanwhile, back at the house, it’s finally getting cool enough for baking season.

After the initial rush of eating 3 hand-picked apples a day from the orchard wears off, it’s a rush to figure out how to use two other big bags in the fridge before they start to spoil.

Apple crumble is one of the few non-chocolate desserts that the kids will eat and uses up a good number of apples.

Saturday night it was time to jump on the dominoes train.

No wins for the Donohues. I blame the small table, too much food, and too much laughing.

There was also music and dancing. Ally can’t be in a room for more than ten minutes without dancing.

One thing I could help her figure out? The lyrics to Toto’s Africa. For the longest time, she thought the chorus was “I bring the rage down in Africa.” While that might make for a strangely more poignant song, those are not the lyrics. We figured it out.

What we couldn’t figure out? How Kilimanjaro would actually rise about the Serengeti. Geographically, that’s not really possible.

Have a great Sunday!


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