Scenes from Saturday + Cece’s Return!

Yesterday was all about patience and anticipation. After a week apart, Cecilia was coming home and the last six hours were almost unbearable for Allison. Even the final scenes of Anne of Green Gables could not distract her. Surprisingly, the five disc 1980’s mini-series had held her in rapt attention all week. I’m not sure if it was fine Canadian acting, the lush palate of Prince Edward Island or Gilbert’s boyish good looks, but she was all-in on Anne’s adventures and foibles. I was just happy to avoid the Tanner family for another week.

Even in Cecilia’s absence, some traditions must endure, and we started the day on the couch. After some touch and go parts (we had to fast-forward) during World War I (not based on the books!), Allison was very relieved Anne, Gilbert and baby Dominic made it safely back to Avonlea.


While Ally finished her blueberry bar breakfast, I made some blueberry chip ice cream sandwich treats for Cece’s return.

We had a lot of blueberry’s to use up this week, so the berries made cameo appearances in a lot recipes!


After breakfast, disaster struck. Our bubblegum toothpaste supply had gotten dangerously low without our realizing it and Allison was forced to endure (I stress endure) a dab of mint on her toothbrush. It took at least 20 minutes to recover her sense of taste and decorum. Most of that 20 minutes was spent like this: 


I’ll spare you the pictures of yard work, food shopping and exercise. It was done. Chores were checked off.

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After lunch, Michelle’s cousin stopped by and, despite raising two boys, she knew the secret to a little girl’s heart is glitter and craft supplies.


An arts and crafter-noon always goes better with a tub of cottage cheese.


Most of these creations, along with a special card, were for her big sister. Papa was just not driving fast enough. Where was she?


Sitting in the sun with my daughter, reading about pizza, watching her draw with chalk. I could have stayed in that moment for awhile.


Finally! Reunited! The sister bliss lasted a solid seven minutes before they annoyed each other again. I think they liked it.


Just in case you thought all my talk of the girls being obsessed with musicals was exaggerated, the first thing they played together was “bows” where they ran up and down the driveway bowing to different sides of the audience. And don’t think there weren’t also calls for encores.


That pizza reading paid off for dinner with two new white pizza recipes from the Pizza Camp cookbook. First, a sweet corn, cherry tomato and basil pie and then a roasted mushroom crema pie with green onions. Both were very good, though the white corn was almost too sweet. I’ll likely try again later in the summer with straight yellow corn.


“Allison, did you miss your sister this week?”


“What did you miss most?”

“Eating dessert with her.”

It’s always the little moments that you miss the most.



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