Scenes from Saturday + Cars & Cake

Family weddings can be both joyous and bittersweet. Joyous to celebrate with family and friends but bittersweet to be reminded how cruelly and quickly time can move. How do you capture and appreciate those moments? Is it even possible? Or is this just something you have to accept. A life fully lived will always feel like its moving too fast. It will be full of joy and laced with sadness. That is the definition. You can’t fight against it.

But why fight it? Perhaps accepting that this is how life is and always will be is what allows you to drive a stake through those big moments and be present.

A short post as the majority of the day was spent traveling up and down our favorite stretch of interstate 95. Then dancing my heart out to Bon Jovi. No one really needs to see photos of that.

The key to 18 years of marriage and northeast corridor driving? Michelle drives Connecticut, Mike drives New York.

Half a mile in. Tablets fully charged. All smiles.

One silver lining to this well-worn groove of travel? A chance to visit Georgie’s Diner in Connecticut (because the New Haven pizza joints aren’t open at 9 am despite all my previous petitions.)

Happy to let Ally eat off the kids menu as long as possible.

I sometimes get into arguments with the traffic algorithms for Waze but it came through on this trip.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve driven through the Cross Bronx and over the George Washington Bridge but I’ve never used Amsterdam Avenue of the Major Deegan.

It was a strange wormhole that put us on surface streets and then quickly back onto some local backdoor exit to the bridge. I’m sure I violated at least 3 laws but it saved us almost an hour in traffic. Win for Waze.

The girls constantly seemed surprised that I both own a suit and can tie a tie.

The lessons of a Catholic school upbringing last a lifetime.

The rest of the day was signature cocktails and dancing. Are those two connected? Maybe.

A very fun celebration that was over too fast. Congratulations to the new couple. I look forward to the next wedding.


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