Scenes from Saturday + Cape & Clams

A month or so late, but we finally made it to the Cape. And the girls immediately set about trying to cram in all that missed time into eight hours. You’ve probably had these days with your kids where the time flew by as you hop, skipped, and jumped from one activity to the next. A day where you didn’t think about work, or your phone, or maybe even the virus for a bit. It’s wonderful…and completely exhausting.

We started the day in the car for our first drive down Route 6 of the year. It almost felt like a normal summer Saturday.

Traffic at the bridge certainly felt normal.

What happens when you don’t see your parents for four months? The tech support requests pile up. I was put right to work.

The girls immediately set to cramming the missed month into eight short hours, starting with the beach.

I’m glad she’s not too old yet to just plop down in the sand and dig. Thankfully, she is now old enough to realize sand is not a delicacy.

Long overdue (takeout) clam strips for lunch.

Then some mud flats exploration as the tide went out. Too late for sand dollars but plenty of hermit crabs.

She’s also not too old to think this joke is still absolutely hilarious.

Not pictured: Ally also convincing Grammie she absolutely had to have ice cream because it was so hot, then a visit to the bookstore, then a change of scenery to the pool.

While Grammie and the kids were away, the adults will play … at the beach bar. Boat drinks taste best when you can sip and wade in the water.

Some Uno (is there a better all-ages beach house game than Uno?) during cocktail hour.

Then dinner, a sunset, and a drive home.

That was Saturday.

If there is any good to come from this pandemic, it might be as a mememto mori. Not in a depressing, creepy way but as a reminder that we have no idea what the future holds. Don’t waste it. Find a way to enjoy the moment. Even if it’s blistering hot and you’re wearing a mask on the beach and all the ice in your boat drink has melted…find a way, it could be that day.

(Not too old to chase seagulls.)



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