Scenes from Saturday + Cape, Bikes & Kayaks

We were down at the Cape for most of the holiday week and it seems fitting on the Fourth of July that the girls got a little more independence this year. While they are not swimming alone or biking off down 6A to the General Store, they do now have the freedom to pedal around the complex and go for low-tide beach walks. 

It’s been good for all of us. If a mid-afternoon lull sets in or if they just can’t survive without dessert immediately, we can shove them out the door and tell them to pedal around for 30 minutes until the second, mmm, maybe third, bottle of wine kicks in. Let freedom ring!

We started the day on the Cape couch catching up with the overnight news of the earthquake and then trying to explain earthquakes to the girls. Not sure we did a great job as both girls came away with the idea that they’d like the “try” one. Thankfully all our SoCal friends and family were safe.


Cecilia is happy to be back to the funky imperial system even if I tried to explain the benefits of metric in cooking. She’s a true-blooded American.


Dash does not enjoy the Cape Fourth fireworks but he does enjoy catching up with his friends who he believes is anyone on two or four feet. He must say hi!


We have yet to open a Cape chapter of the Soles so no Saturday group run but Michelle and I did get out for a few mudflat miles.


We didn’t escape for long as the girls found us. The hidden dark side of independence.


After the run, we split up and Cece and I went for a bike ride on the rail trail. Thirteen miles including some good hills in Nickerson. Her longest ride yet.


She even turned down ice cream in Orleans in favor of a smoothie so “I’ll have the energy to get home.”


On the other side of town, Michelle and Ally hit up the candy racks at the General Store. She made her big sister a bag.


And she had no problem with a mid-day cone. I think that thing leering over her shoulder is going to give me nightmares.


When we all made it back to the house, we decided to brave the holiday insanity of Sesuit Harbor for lunch. 


Luckily, lobster rolls are good enough to make up for 90% of the wait. The BYOB takes care of the other 10%. Maybe I’ve got that ratio reversed?


The rain was holding off so we snuck in some final beach time after lunch. Even better than a little independence? Vacation friends to take the pressure off Mom and Dad (mostly Mom) at the beach and pool.


When Mom does get in the water, they are still like little barnacles.


They managed to sneak in some arts and crafts time. Why is this stuff called gimp? On the plus side, it’s much easier to clean up compared to glitter.


Now if we can just work on a little more independence with the bedtime routine….