Scenes from Saturday + Candy & Commerce

We successfully made it through the first full five day school week including just about all the after school extracurricular activities. The afternoon Dad shuttle was in full effect and I was reminded again that there is no hierarchy of time when you are a parent. The more you try to force ‘quality time’ the worse, and more stressful, it tends to get for everyone.

Instead, I’m trying to embrace the garbage time. The flustered, busy, ordinary, stuck in traffic time that can be just as valid and equal as a special day at an amusement park. Time is what you make of it. Being stuck at a traffic light appears to be the antidote to only getting one word answers about school. You can learn a lot in the fifteen minute drive to dance class. I’m trying not to waste it.

This time of year the reward for getting up and getting your running gear on in the dark is a sunrise that makes it feel worthwhile. Until you hit the next hill.

I have to admit, I sort of forgot Ally still had ‘baby’ teeth. Cecilia was upset at the Tooth Fairy’s rather irregular fiscal policy. Ally received 3 dollars. Ce insists she only ever received a quarter which seems a bit tight-fisted but both are below the national average of $4.71! The entire thing still feels creepy to me.

They might make jokes about it or poke fun at you but rest assured they are always watching and always taking it all in. Also, there is no antidote to youth. Ce jumped in and banged out some sets between waffles.

Back on the couch, we are reaching another divide where the girls are naturally more interested in different shows. Neither remains very interested in anything that Michelle tries to pitch from the early nineties. We briefly watched a clip of 90210 and Cecilia wondered why the guidance counselor (Andrea) was hanging out with the students.

Dash having his usual sugar pops breakfast. Anytime we think he’s entering his golden years, he springs up on the couch like a wily mountain goat and gobbles down some verboten food like a 20 week puppy.

Not yet October, but the Halloween songbook is looming. Four weeks of The Addams Family and Toccata and Fugue in D minor are now on repeat both in the living room and in my brain.

We visited the propane graveyard at the Transfer Station this week. Want to get Michelle riled up? Mention the five year expiration date on propane tanks. The Tractor Supply store employees have her head shot behind the counter.

Morning chores done, we hit up our town’s annual chamber of commerce celebration of local businesses, large inflatables, fun-sized candy, and tchotchkes.

Had to drag Michelle away from this tempting candy bowl.

There are not one, but two new puppies on our little street and the girls are a bit concerned that Dash is not getting enough TLC anymore. He seems unconcerned.

First batch of pumpkin chocolate chips cookies were made.

Apple picking last week, a can of Libby’s pumpkin this week. Just need to clean the gutters and rake some leaves to complete my fall bingo card.

We made Ally’s day with some nachos for dinner and a double feature movie night.

Thanks to our CSA we know what tatsoi is. We can cook a spaghetti squash. We can handle kholrabi. Now, we also know what to do with ears of popcorn.

We put the popcorn to good use and ended the night with some Ferris (the cable version).

Ce is a big fan. You never know what’s going to make her laugh. No better way than some Saturday night garbage time to try to find out.



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